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Real money games for non depositing players at Rummy Royal  0   
No more real money games for non depositing players to make use of the welcome bonus at Rummy Royal? Confused

Two days ago i was looking how the game is played and i read about the kalooki 51 and thought to take the bonus.
Just right on time Smile

If you tried to get this bonus and yu get this answer t seems it's true but i'm sure administrator will chime in...

And yes, it's pretty odd to offer a no deposit real money offer and then to require members to make a deposit from their personal money.

Good luck, if you are good at it i think you can make a min deposit though Blink

I accepted their offer a couple of weeks ago (though I never played this type of games before Big Smile ) and start playing their 'Welcome(W) ' games and managed to more than double the money. Yesterday when I login again, there's no more game of that type. (Or maybe they just want me to try the game for two weeks Big Smile)

Anyway still can play the multi tourney kalooki51 freeroll which runs once daily though.

See what I found out just now... I run the software and before I login I saw the list of tables that I usually...and then after I logged in all the tables vanished Big Smile Aww crap!

Edited by DittoDali (07 October 2011 @ 23:21 GMT)

i played on royal rummy before i started poker,never made a deposit but won some $'s but 1 day it stopped me playing the usual tables and i had to give it up,cant even log in anymore???i love kalooki and would play again but this site is not for non depositors and will take your,if you can play kalooki then you should enjoy it but it might not be at this site.... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Yes, I started to love the game and played it whenever I had free time. But now I just play the freeroll tourney.

Found another site, but no free money given Big Smile

Hi Everyone,
RummyRoyal here-- Happy you all are enjoying the $5 bonus for new players. We are protecting your bonus and other winnings by allowing only new players to join the Welcome (W)Tables ( only players who have registered up to 20 days ago can play at (W) tables), so more experienced players do not scoop away your free bonus. You can get more information on the bonus and the welcome tables here:

DittoDali--Your game did not disappear, you are just no longer a brand new player and now have more experience to play outside of the Welcome Tables.

Callie28-- If you are still are having trouble loggin in, please email: [email protected] Customer Service can help you 24/7

Thanks for playing and we hope to see you all at our $12,000 Guaranteed tourney for the Holidays!

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