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This is why i cant love PartyPoker, like mosto f mobsters here do. I ve lost once, it has been taken all my money in the second time, and, for the third time, I can only say one thing: I am being robbed!!! I recently received a letter (air post mail, just imagine how much it cost them, much more than just an email) from Party Poker with a new $10 bonus for the Pokerfest. I thought “Again? They really want me to play there…”, so I decided to give it a chance and went to the site to receive the bonus. Played one single $3 SnG and I got 2nd, not bad for someone who didn’t played any game for more than a month. Ok fine, now I know how to play there, this time it will be different, crazy bad beats should be over in that site, I thought. Looks like I was wrong. Today, Saturday, I decided to give it another try, and went on the same $3 SnG. First hand: 1010! Ups, this is going to get crazy… fold, fold, fold, I raised 3x, got two calls, flop came 3,6,9. “Overpair, nice!” Check, Check, I went all-in, call, fold. “What do you have ,man?” A4, crazy A4 calls my all-in in a $3 game against my 1010, and the turn gave him an Ace. Cant believe it. Looks like my Party Poker bad luck has just returned. Tried a 2nd game. Thism time there were only 8 guys and blinds 200-400 when I got QQ, but I ended all-in against, can you imagine, KK, and the table gave us 777. Ok, this time was fair, but coming from that last one to this, I start thinking: is it worth it?

Posted by Fakiry:
First hand: 1010! Ups, this is going to get crazy� fold, fold, fold, I raised 3x, got two calls, flop came 3,6,9. �Overpair, nice!� Check, Check, I went all-in

lol,why'd you shove 1880 into a pot of 380?
Obviously the play worked in this hand, but you will rarely get an idiot calling you with anything worse than your hand.
In general,meh it's 2 games,if I'd open a thread about getting bad beats and bust in 2 games in a row I would probably flood this forum day by day Blink
Like I said in an other thread,in poker there is rarely a 0% situation. And just compare that with how many tiems you get into flips,trouble situations etc.
People just forget about the times they suck out and then complain,blame the room or whatever,when they lose a few hands,which is what people that play proper volume expirience many times per day.

My suggestion - dont blame the site. Even if you get some unreal beats a few games in a row,it will even out longterm.
No site is "rigged" as people say. This can already be seen by MTT pros that play on every site to get much overall volume. They are usually up on all sites they play at.

Instead,maybe deposit whatever you can afford or something. Playing $3 SNGs with $10 BR was suicidal either way and you were SUPPOSED to go broke sooner or later.

i understand your point of view, bemyatmplz, but i felt i had to write it because i didnt remembered the last time i played there, and they are always calling me with new promotions. So the first game i won, and the next two i lost so fast i didnt knew what to think. This was to express my sadness for what happened, but understand that this things happen, i tell that to other players who come around regreting for hands like that.

Yeah dont worry,I've been there as well Blink the same idiots winning 20 hands in a row and then to think it's completely unfair,there is no way I could win on this s**t site etc.
But time went on and I started to understand that in the long run I will be the one winning from these "lucky idiots" that hit "every time" (obv they dont) Smile

Stop playing poker please, you idiot.

With your 10 dollars you shouldnt be playing 3$sng's in the first place.
Thats 3 of them.
Its not hard to lose three in a row.
Couple of years ago i lost 11 in a row. You should see tilt then. lol

Posted by jc1337:
Stop playing poker please, you idiot.

its not nice to name call, u s**t eatting donkey fucker

also got a letter from them giving away $15 woohooo! managed to spend $10 already lol. cant complain, played in "loose mode" trying to go deep in a too expensive mtt for my abilities/bankroll.
tonight ill spend the rest i guess, cant play 2 poker sites at the same time anyway. not enough time to do so.

Something similar happend to me actually ( i played 1/2 cents cash) but i didn't had time to devlop, i know many people say party poker is a very profitable poker platform...

I don't disagree with them, but for me it isn't, so i moved on to another poker platform Smile

If a platform does not like you i suggest you shouldn't deposit more money, deposit on another site Blink

Ooooh, unfortunate Fakiry. Sorry to hear that it just isn't working out for you. I can't believe that call, so bad, but there are a lot of dummies at the low stakes, that's for sure. Probably someone else who was running a no deposit bonus and had no idea.

Good luck in the future.

I am agree with Arithmajik. That's not good or luck moment for you. But I think your decision is gambling too. 1010 isn't best hand at that case so your decision is gambling. Instinct and luck very
important factor in poker. But no reason to hate that site. I had similiar case. My AA lost to Q3 os !!!!!!!!! I did same bet with you. He hit Q 3 Q on flop, I go all in and he call. lol . will you figure he had Q3 os ? That's not at party ( I cann't play there ) Go all in at that situation is not good decision, I think.

What your opinion, all ?

Lack of glory at its finest... after 2h30 of being on top 15 on a 225 players field, got gutted in the bubble Sad ... hate being the bubble boy lol... i could already smell the money, in a way it blocked the scent of playing 10/10 out of position... always those lucky aces kicking me out of tourneys Angry

@ lukasb, look on the good side of it: If you managed to get in the prizes, or even to win, of course you would be much happier than you are now, but that way you would have money in two rooms, and, as you said before, you wouldnt have time to play in both. This is the worst excuse for a lost, but you will see things will run good on the other site!

@ lukasb, look on the good side of it: If you managed to get in the prizes, or even to win, of course you would be much happier than you are now, but that way you would have money in two rooms, and, as you said before, you wouldnt have time to play in both. This is the worst excuse for a lost, but you will see things will run good on the other site!


See it from the bright side, it was free money ! Big Smile

i do no think is a lack of glory but lack of luck. this is normal in the case the people form them are very direct. they have high politics to our money free or not to play on it.
i think one day it will be glorious. Confused Confused Confused

Well, if it was free money, then you shouldn´t be too angry about this.
For sure you already know that you played it not the best way and without a proper bankrollmanagement.
So don´t worry too much about it.

Party´s my main site since FT "F***** Up", so I know the games.

The $3 SnG´s are pretty much total donkfests, and always have been.
Lots of "players", and I use the term loosely, will call as long as they get cards...and they do every turn. Get cards I mean. Big Smile

The $5 are pretty soft, but you´ll still see these kinds of calls sometimes.
Kinda high for those $10 you got.

Best thing is to play some cash, because it´s real soft as well.
I never play cash, but the few times I did there at micro limits, they were just handing out their chips like it was Christmas.
The only way to go with $10 there IMO.

And jc1337....
Not getting any nicer are we?...or smarter...

Uhmm, I think you're first problem, as it's been said, is shoving roughly 40 bb into a 10 bb pot. What's your logic behind the play? Sure the guy with A4 was a moron for calling, but I think your play was just as horrible. You're usually only getting called by a hand that beats you. I think instead of blaming party poker for your "bad beats" you need to seriously re-assess your play.

No offense man, really, I just think instead of people blaming the sites for their losses, they need to reflect and figure out what they may be doing wrong.

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