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had QQ raise to 1.50€
this guy rereaises to 5€
i automatically put him on aces, kings or maybe jacks
so i call just to see flop
Q K 4 rainbow
i bet 6€
he raises all in for about 30€ more

what would u do there ?

I almost folded, put him on kings
i was hoping he had aces
but of course he had kings,

basically anyone think they coulda folded that hand in that situation?

Honestly I'll put him on pair of aces so i would go all-in, besides there are still the turn and the river in any case so the match doesn't stop an the flop. you have also invested much so i think it's worth it.

Hey m8 sorry to hear running in to kings with though situations allways turn to your gut feeling! thats rule nr 1 in poker...most people are to affraid to do so! but give it a try...bad feeling = fold good feeling = may sound like b******t Tongue but its 100% true! when ure in a situation like that odds count for nothing its all about gut feeling Blink when its telling you something... trust it! in everyhand you dont loose something you win instead Blink Worship

I dont think I could have gotten off of that hand either. It does seem like at alot of the sites I play at, that when one perrson gets a pocket pair another person gets one also at least 50% of the time.

i think i would fold at preflop, this is 50% on 50% Smile

about 12 months ago now thi is, i was playing pacific and had pocket kings the flop dropped ace ace king i bet he called so i checked on the turn which was a 7, he also checked the river came out a 7 i checked he bet $25 it was on a cash tabl i called to find he had pocket aces i was gutted i neally went all in tho so i was kinda lucky

I was considering folding preflop but i hadn't seen a good hand in a while so instead i lost a buy in lol

Hmm, If I would hit set with queens i'd never fold actualy Sad It's just realy unlucky to have a set of kings against you Sad

that's not an easy situation.. I i've had gotten QQ and hit the three of a kind on the flopp i'd never been able to let it go. But i'm not the best poker player yet either, maybe someday i'll learn Big Smile

yea that always hard... i dont no if i woulda put him on aces with his preflop bet, (personally from what ive seen online its usually more but people play differently)

but yea i dont see how you could really fold that :S tough call

thats what i have to contend with all the time well it seems anyhow i never seem to have any luck at all, its getting to the stage where i tink i just fold pocket pairs and wait till i have a look at the flop

i guess ive been really really lucky cuz i get that not too too often a bad beat like that i get bad beats but things like that set of Q over Ks is a pretty bad one, but still it happens to me.. but i guess cuz i dont play as much as i used to i dont notice it as much

You can't put him on one hand.
He could do this move with AK, KK, AA and when he's pretty loose also with KQ.

That means that you would win in the long run more then you would lose, because you are in front against AK, AA, KQ. Only KK could beat you and that is very very rare.

That means that I would have called here, because it's + ev to call.

- Mike

i would've folded there. that's too much money to be put on a set of undercards.
i understand why you did it, but i'd only call all-in if i had the nuts. and KKK was the nuts.

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