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Poker pro arrested with 25 pounds of marijuana

The American poker player Al Krux was recently arrested due to drug possession after the police found 25 pounds of marijuana in his car. Also his son Adam was arrested with almost 15 pounds of marijuana, and at his home the police also found 90 marijuana plants. The police decided to take a closer look at Al Krux and his son after that neighbors had contacted them regarding "suspicious activity" g[...]   Read more » Poker pro arrested with 25 pounds of marijuana

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Posted by elfmafia:
you don't see a problem with getting a criminal record for enjoying your free time not harming anyone?
i'll never be able to get a decent job above minimum wage because of the record and i doubt i would get citizenship in nl or anywhere thats not a third world country now

also i did try moving there a few years ago but your women are too damn crazy, i lasted 4 months lol

I see a problem in that of course. But that was not what I was talking about, I wouldn't use weed if I was living in the UK and that's your own fault. Here it is legal though and then I would recommend using it, hehe. Big Smile

Now in Canada, each exstacy pill your caught with is an attempted murder charge if they charge you with attempted or trafficing. 3 meals a day and all the sex you never wanted. Evil

Posted by ladymicky74:
keep on smoking Thumbs Up

Yea. In your country it is possible and legal =)

but in Germany sooo much smokers ))

I've never heard of anyone hurting anybody because they smoked weed. Car accident, violence, falling asleep driving ect. I know a lot of people that smoke and they're mostly normal people with jobs... I even know people that you can't even tell the difference if they're high or not... It's just a plant after all.

Why is alcool okay and not weed? Alcool kills thousands of people every year. I never understood how they decide if a drug is legal or not.

They should focus on the people making crocodile drug in russia instead Blink

I got caught with 7 ounces of green and got 3 months custodial sentence, but was the 2nd time i got caught with weed on my person (just a Quarter..7g the first time tho) But i had a conditional discharge for assault on me at the time, still judges seem to just pick punishments out of a randomizer IMO---- No i do not think this is big or clever, its only clever if u dont get caught!

They should just legalize it adn slam a tax on it and the country will be debt free in less then a year

so that's how you become a poker pro- just have plenty of weed at the tables Thumbs up and suddenly card do seem to run great, beer flow freely Beer the whole world seems to be your friend Winner and millions are coming into your pockets Dollar great- off to grow some weed Wave

yeah, its small time where i live to get busted but he was dealing guaranteed and getting great money for it because of the tight laws.

Hilarious! That is reading your comments Mobsters, but the truth is , California has the prices jacked. At least anything of any quality. You know! White Widow, Kush, AK47 and all the other crazy strains that's been developed here in the past 10 years to compete with to win the Cannibas Cup. Anyway, there is some time when living in NY and getting caught, it's a joke! We all know you can get more messed up on booze then weed not that I take sides. Maybe our U.S. government could dig out of debt and stop some of the smuggling if they would legalize it, but why take the easy way out. Let's continue to use U.S. tax dollars to pay for outragious money for helicopters, agents, dogs, etc. then make ficticious stories about the street value. We all know weed isn't worth nothing if it doesn't have green, sticky, mature buds. I better stop before I write a book Good LUck to All!

Wow Smile funny news. I think they liked weed Big Smile S.W.E.D.A.N Smoke Weed every day and night ;]

they also was peoples and sometimes they want relax Big Smile
to many times he do it and now prison it will be his next life stop
good luck and never have to many marihuana in your poket

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