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Long time, No see! :)  0   
Hiya all!

It's been awhile and most of you probably don't remember me..=/

Although, I'm back playing some online poker, even have my poker blog back up and running! Big Smile

What have you guys been up too?

Just out of curiossity on what poker platforms are you playing online poker??

I see that your location is US and from what i know very few online sites accespts us poker players at the tables...


Hello Farce09

Welcome back, because that by so much that you dont passed by here.
I promise to be looking at your blog and see how are your adventures in this world of online poker.

Greetings from Barcelona!

Some whining threads about online poker poker being rigged appeared, but nothing much new except that Smile A lot of promotions from BRM though, you should check them out

At the moment I've been playing on, They haven't blocked my IP address yet, so I'm only assuming they allow U.S. players...but I only engage in the freerolls, and have yet to really win (I've placed, but not won cash) so I'm not exactly sure.

Back again people! Been a long time, few months to be exact. Hope all is well Smile

Been real busy with school for the last couple semesters, workin' hard for that there degree mhmm. Big Smile Started playing poker again, and posting on my blog again, a little. I've already posted a topic about the new poker room I've started going to, sealswithclubs . com. You guys should check it out.

The best news is that I joined a poker league at the end of last summer and have been really enjoying live play for the last several months. It's so much fun! Cool

Alright, well good luck on the felt all! Deuces!


Welcome back .
To know you lose allot till now ...just to know today i won 500 Mob Points and you forgot to play here but now you can UP the power to increase your winnings like OLD times.
Good luck and WELCOME BACK again,we are happy to see you back. Thumbs Up Dollar

Im new to this posting in forums and etc. ive been signed up to this site quite awhile now and i was jw how can i get my points up easyly and to get referrals easyily.. please people any help on building my bankroll mob points or money on my pokersite would be great.. Big Smile Big Smile

Yeah Farce09, I remember you here! I think most U.S. players stayed away from the whole poker scene for awhile after "Black Friday". I know there for some time I was the only U.S. member I'd see here at BRM. Hoodi drops in once in awhile, but been playing live. BMWman (from Canada) has dropped in a few times.
I've been playing at Carbon, but hoping for something to happen with FT, but look's slim based on the last report. Anyway! Welcome back and hope you stick around or at least drop in weekly to see what's up or let us know your winning!

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