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Posted by Mark:
I think its fair enough that people on tilt come here to let off steam instead of ruining their bankroll and tilting on the poker client.

I think it's sad you call them retards.

She was actually talking about the following thread:

False accusations, lies, etc. He just got caught. Very sad to post that kind of garbage.

It had nothing to do with "letting off steam".
Read the thread fully if you want to know what happened.

Complaining is fine (letting off steam).
Lying and false accusations towards others is not.

Posted by xDINGERx:
OMG I am soooooo sick of coming on here to see people saying "my hand got beat" tough s**t Loser!
let me let all you complainers into a secret - it's poker ALL hands can be beaten!

I've been reading a thread this morning where one of these idiots has been caught out big style for the fool he is LOL - posting threads about RETARDS and DONKS playing hands he does'nt expect then saying the site is rigged cos the plank lost?

WTF man? Get a grip! stop moaning and learn how to play properly, I may not be the best player in the world but I can see from the replys to your big fat LIE of a post where you named and shamed innocent players - Bit you in the arse when he called your bluff though didnt it? Big Smile

so guys before you complain about bad beats from Donks and Retards I'd quickly just check your own retard meter first.

AA for King lol xx

carebear, is that some kind of attention thing? That you have to make a new thread to complain about that? Agree Confused Yes its wrong but common... Shock

Common but it does still irritate other readers. I have no problem with "simple" whining threads if the OP is rational, thing is the one complaining is always the one wrong and he doesn't tell the truth (poker rooms being rigged, AA 80% lose, bankrollmob is a scam, etc)

Hi all!!

Bad beats are poker. No sense complain about. Yes, is hard to see how a guy with 52s calls your 3bet, calls your pot-Cbet , reraise allin in turn with a f****g gutshot and win the hand in river.

I want all this players for me Smile.

Don´t cry for badbeats without it some players never will paly again.


Pd. (Uh, my allinEv is 1000$ under the line..)

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