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anyone willing to transfer a small amount with me? (regular members only)

10e on highpulse (ill send first)
for $10 on pokerstars


Sure. 10 euro or 20 euro, whatever you prefer.

Highpulse nickname: ImyourCoach

Just send the money and post your highpulse and pokerstars nickname here.
So I can see the transferred money came from you and then I know which stars name I have to send to.

Edited by Noisecore (27 November 2011 @ 13:49 GMT)

uhm since your from the same joining date as me (newbie members) Tongue

20 euro is fine by me for $25 on ps thoug (10 for 10 seemed ok as dollars as less worth as you know)
but when it goes up in euros the dollars go up a little more if you dont mind Smile

Prohorse19 on Highpulse
Prohorse3 on Pokerstars

Hmm 23.50$ for 20 euro is a deal. Smile

nevermind i thought 20 euro was around 31 dollars but its only 26 so im feeling generous ill simply keep the deal at 20e for $20

ill send it 10 at a time so first i send 10 you send me 10 then ill send the last and you send the last 10

Confirm when i can send the first 10 Smile

Okay that's generous mate. Send in the money and I will make sure you get it back.

Let me remind you that transfers on Pokerstars can take up to 10-15 mins.

ye i still got 1 hour before the last F1 race of the season goes on tv i got the time

Send the first 10e (confirm and let me know when you send $10) Smile

I can confirm that I have recieved the money and sent back 10$ to ProHorse3 on PokerStars.

Is it my internet or is the BRM site very slow atm?

probably your internet Tongue

so when i received the $10 from you ill send you another 10e at which when you received that youll send me another $10 Smile


Yes that's correct.

Just say when you recieved the money and send the other 10 euro.

still waiting for my money are you positive you send to "Prohorse3" (same avatar as brm)
not doubting anything yet, never knew ps took this long sometimes these days

Ps. why the hell does it say waiting for in the loading bar when refreshing Brm page (Are they looking into my internet history or what Shock Tongue )

Yes I am positive, can make a screenshot if you like?

But shouldn't take more then 5 mins now.

We'll just wait until you've recieved and then continue transfering the other 10 euro left.

this is taking too long right about now, i dont know what the issue is but could you post a screenshot then? if i dont have my money in the next hour ill email support

You still haven't recieved the funds?
I have sent to Prohorse3 on Pokerstars.

I will make a screenshot right now.

well there could be a complication if you send me 10euro on pokerstars instead of $10 as i do not have a euro account on pokerstars but you said you send me $$$ so im confused where my money is

It says I have send 10 to you, it doesn't say which currency or if the transaction is confirmed. I e-mailed Stars Support to ask if something went wrong. Don't have any experience in transfering funds on Stars. They usually reply in 30 mins or so though.

So if you could be a little patient your money will be sent. Smile

now you made me go into suspicion mode you can see you sent me 10 you cant see if its dollars or euros ???
when i click history in my cashier i see all of this stuff dollars euros etc even thoug i deleted my euro account.
I did my last transaction on stars 2 days ago and about 1 week ago aswell both currencies so why is it that you cant see what currency you send Confused

Imyourcoach is playing NL100 on high pulse,how come that somebody playing that high is requesting a 10 no deposit bonus?

i dont want to say something wrong here but i find it a little bit odd.

I request every bonus that is possible. Free money is free money.

And yes I'm a midstakes player.

Still no update from Stars.

whats your nickname on Pstars? Noisecore

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