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I've tryied Omaha many times,PLO ,NL High , High-Low...I must say that many times I've bought home a nice amount of money

Posted by stupidrunk:

'Obviously all hands are depending on the players there, with no stack sizes or image my thoughts are just that, no real cunning play, probably play that way when multitabling.'

not clearly understanding what you are saying... Confused
is this in regards to hand 4 because i feel im a thoughtfull player. Confused

your a thinking player which is good, thinking players tend to be the most dangerous at a table

and if you want to record your sessions you can download something called hypercam 2

just google it Smile

Thanks boss!! Hypercam is easy and free hopefully have a few clips soon Thumbs Up

The all in with AA preflop in Omaha is pretty common.
I see players doing it in all limits.
While i thought its a trend in lower limits about 3-4 months decided to watch high stakes Omaha Hi
to see how they play that hand.
To my surprise 99% they shoved all in preflop and when it was pot limit
they were betting the pot.
Not something that i would do every single time i had AA
Its a very good hand especially when suited but you have lots more callers
with lower combinations.
If you are regular in a limit, micro for example or low (my limits) and you play some time
in a specific site you can tag those players easily.
And you know at least 90% of the time when they shove they have AA Smile
Even in hi/lo where you get less chances by that kind of play


A Diamond K Diamond A Club K Club VS. A Spade J Spade T Heart 8 Diamond
Win: %69.56 Tie:%0.17 Win:%30.27

Mid Run-down VS. High Run-down
5 Spade 6 Club 7 Heart 9 Diamond VS. A Spade K Club J Heart T Diamond
Win:%43.57 Tie: %0.03 Win%56.4

Double Pockets VS. Double Flush
J Spade J Club 8 Heart 8 Diamond VS. Q Diamond 9 Diamond 4 Spade 7 Spade
Win:%56.15 Tie:%0.01 Win:%43.84

Post Flop Match-Ups

(Nut Flush VS. Set)
FLOP--- K Spade 2 Spade 8 Heart
HANDS: K Heart K Diamond 7 Club 6 Club VS. A Spade 7 Spade Q Heart 9 Diamond
Win:%71.22 Win:%28.78

(Straight VS. Set)
FLOP--- 2 Spade 4 Club 6 Heart
HANDS: 3 Club 5 Diamond T Heart J Club VS. 6 Spade 6 Diamond Q Spade 9 Heart
Win:%58.9 Win:%41.1

(Straight VS. SET + Flush draw)
FLOP--- A Spade K Spade T Diamond
HANDS: Q Diamond J Heart 9 Club 8 Club VS. A Club A Diamond 7 Spade 6 Spade
Win:%36.95 Win:%63.05

This just goes to show how often when you think you are miles ahead in a hand of PLO you are only essentially flipping a coin for the pot & how sometimes HUGE draws (like the last example) are favourite to win against a made hand.


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