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Ok, so here we are. Yet another constest for all of you. I guess this is not a brain-teaser like the last one, but it is indeed about heart and feelings towards the game of poker and BankrollMob.

So let your creativity flow and show us all your talent by writing a poem about poker and BRM. Winner receives a great congratulations from everyone and a lovely Kiss from the lady with glasses up there.

Remember, any genre of poem is valid, from funny to sad, from silly to outstanding, what counts is your participation. Have fun.

waaaaaaaahhh I don't know about this, I'm not really good at poems, any other contest idea that you might have? BTW, what happened to the winner of the $1000 lottery?

Posted by Im2good4u:
BTW, what happened to the winner of the $1000 lottery?

Hey, I have no clue, better ask Admin about it. My bet is that they still haven´t even done anything about it. I honestly don´t know why, since it was supposed to be done a long time ago.

Regarding the poem, come on Im2good4u, share with us the poet inside you!

Welcome one, welcome all
To the BRM poker brawl

State your name
And your type of game

This is where you will find the action
With the upmost satisfaction

We have the friendliest players
With some high stakes wagers

So bring your chips, and bring your friends
This is one poker game that never ends

As most of you know the game is real
So come on SHUFFLE UP AND DEAL! Big Smile

That´s the way to go pokerpup! Great job and great way to start up the competition. Thumbs Up Come on all you creative bankroll mobsters, let´s see what you can all do here, don´t be shy!

heres mine.
call me, raise me.
your not gonna phase me
im taking chips off of anyone who plays me.
thats why they call me pokerman dan
so if you've any sence you'll fold em why you can

Tongue This is becoming a freestyle battle I see. Very nice job Mr. Jones. I can sense that this thread is going to provide us with many laughs! Can´t wait for more.

the flop has landed jack four 2 my pocket dueces what to do i bet first i think he'll call he goes all in i think you fool its done its i beat them all. i look in front at my chip pile then sitback with such a smile

Posted by dannyjon:
the flop has landed jack four 2 my pocket dueces

This hand and flop sound familiar to me. Where is it from? I keep thinking it is from some recent game but I can´t quite figure it out. Shine some light.

just off the top off the head mate,

a chip a chair that poker stair,
that bad beat river, we thinks unfair,
this poker game we love and hate,
my kings are beat he's hit his straight,
i need a club to make this flush,
i hit the turn card what a rush,
we win and lose but thats the game,
no limit holdem is its name,
so thanks to bankroll mob i say,
for funding us all to play,
i speak for me your poker godz,
so what you think then tell me fodz

Edited by dannyjon (18 March 2008 @ 11:32 GMT)

Posted by dannyjon:
so what you think then tell me fodz

I think you have just shared with us a talent that many probably didn´t know you had. Keep it up and great job! Thumbs Up

hahah those are actually really good lol im gonna have to come up with one and post it in here lol.. but i dont think they are gonna be able to come close to dannyjons lol nice freestyles

Oh bankrollmob
I just can not stop
to affiliate
a million

(italian, pls stop hunting points thorugh posts, lol, look forum)

cheers mate ill have to sit and thik for a litle bit and see what i can come up wuth to put on my next one if i get one that is, would be good if admin posted one tho

wheres all the rest of your poems and that come on only 2 of us have had ago at the minute gotts be someone whos got somet for us

Edited by dannyjon (19 March 2008 @ 01:22 GMT)

Thats alrite, i may be short stack
but its ok because its skill you lack,
im just waiting for the right time to bet
AA, bad time to bully, your lucky i dont put you in debt
so you may of thought you were cute with your luck
but thats not the only part of poker you F*&k

haha Big Smile gotta love the ending

Posted by dannyjon:
would be good if admin posted one tho

Don't hold your breath Big Smile

hahaha oh common admin i thought of one lol its not like you got anything to loose lol where is your bankroll mob spirit Tongue!! haha i better not get in trouble for this post lol

call me raise me your not ganna phase me
im taking chips off of anyone who plays me
thats why they call me pokerman dan
so if youve any sence youll foldem why you can
and for you guys that think that im wishing
i'll hang you to dry without a pot to piss in

'Anna Kournikova' by Keef Burtons

I fold & Fold & Fold again,
This game of patience, it has no end,
but finally I have won them over,
going all the way with Anna Kournikova,

I play a good game, I don't just talk it,
as just behind Anna came by pocket rocket,
I groan with pleasure, twas sweet & nice,
as my Rockets & Anna came not once but twice,

I had so much fun today on that table,
& I have to say I was more than able,
there was no real secret just tight & aggressive
I could here them saying I was impressive

The moral here is to wait your turn,
go slow be patient & AK will cum,
Don't go too fast & break this code
you want Anna to cum before you blow your load.

Thank You

Edited by KeefBurtons (20 March 2008 @ 13:48 GMT)

hahah thats a good one keffburtons lol (which i might add your name isnt to bad either lol) but yea me personally i dont like AK lol she usually fucks me over and not in the way i want her to lol

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