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I' glad it both brought a smile to you. It's amazing what you can churn up in 5 minutes. Cool

So here i am makin the cut
playing on a donktable is a pain in the butt
but i have not choise im on a turney
but im in chiplead so theres no need to worry

what did he play?
7-2 no way! bad play
i said: "thats what you would be expekting on freerolls"
but who am i kidding, partypoker is full off trolls

but i thank you bankrollmob for the money you provide
eventhoug sick badbeats makes me think of suiside
but i aint tripping cuz you provide some more
yeah BRM is the site that i adore.

so listen upp im gonna start a revolution seri
im gonna knock these donks off one by one
cuz everybody knows that donks are against the evelolution theory
this is my poem peace im gone.

I just thought to bump this tread! Think this is great! Does someone of new guys on BRM have creativity? Big Smile

Some people said that I can't play poker
So I said pull up a chair all of you jokers
I said for those that care Smokey's my name
And texas holdem is going to be the game
The beers were ice cold but not my cards
I was winning a lot as the others tried hard
As time moved on they went out one by one
One guy got angry I said son that's the game
We all have our days some good some are bad
Not my fault I'm winning and you all look so sad
The game lasted hours as the sun began to rise
And all the chips slowly made their way to my side
I said the next time you guys want to play poker
I'm always around and a long shot from a joker
Spade Club Heart Diamond Spade Club Heart Diamond Spade Club Heart Diamond

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A Poker Poem Is what we seek
for the Mobsters to have a peek

We play for fun, sport and more
to keep us at home cause the wife is a bore

There's HORSE and RAZZ for those who play slow
but No LImit Hold'em is the one we all know

Theirs winners, theirs losers and that's how it goes
the suckouts and donks think their all pros

Now deal out the cards get on with the show
before it's to late and we have to play doz

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