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Personal Data Leaked from UB  0   
The leaked information includes...

Full name
Screen name
E-mail address
Phone number
Mailing address
Account balance
IP address
Deposit methods used (e.g. “echeck” Blink
Birth date
Account number (unique identifier for UB accounts, not bank accounts numbers)
VIP status
Affiliate status
Blacklist status

This info was link dumped on to pokers biggest forum, and is now getting passed around privately.
Financial information other than deposit methods and account balances (such as credit card numbers) does not appear to be included.
I guess there's nothing left for UB to do now, even after shut down they are screwing up, unreal.

add to that their server was down on nov 30 and dec 1. hacked??
dont understand why they are still running, last few months they have more play money players than real money.
KGC should hav shut them long time ago. anyway it's the end for them

not AGL for online poker... why is it the same cheap lookin sites f'in it up for everyone... ban every poker site but stars and we wont have these problems!

Posted by Jibberish:
... ban every poker site but stars and we wont have these problems!

yeah, not a really bad idea ... more players, more tourneys, professional support ... it would be nice but online poker is a cake too big to be shared out only by one site.

i logged into UB account (after 2 years) and have 2.74$ in there Confused Confused

Posted by SuperNoob:
i logged into UB account (after 2 years) and have 2.74$ in there Confused Confused

Refund from scams?
You can now either buy a hat or back someone in the PS WR game. Worship

Now go figure with that mess.
With these data leaked some hacckers and scammers can do miracles.
You can recover many passwrods by having the birthdate.
You can even pretend in a live chat to be the account holder with birthdate.
Everyone with account there should review their accounts everywhere.

Thats another story for example what the hell our data happens to, when a site shuts down.
We have subscribed in so many sites and only takes one crappy employee for example to do the damage


I bet alot of casino/pokersites are interested in that information too to be able to direct their spam mails to potential customers ...

was just looking for something on google and by mistake ended up on the site where all the leaked data is posted.
wasnt able to open the excel file but on typing username with domain name of the site, could see info of many other players.
really sick this info is available just from google search Angry Angry

I would like to see it, but would not want you to post it or even hint, as obviously it will be abused by the wrong people, I guess the one good thing for me is I joind UB on an old e-mail(closed) and phone.
But, I would like the e-mail list Smile

You guys are talking about Ultimate Bet???...if so its a good thing i never deposited on that site.

i think all the files have been deleted from the uploaded site but info is still saved on google.
very few pages are cached and can be accessed through google webcache, but rest i'm not able to.
but when u type in the google search button, it shows info about the player in search list, so not really worth unless u want to search all players.
but they do have 2-3 email lists. Shock Shock Shock

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