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bad beat on an all in pre flop  0   
Just finished saying to everyone that ive been hitting alot of queens today and low and behold i get pocket queens next hand...
Go figure before the end of the flop theres like five of us all in with one guy to my left whos got like 200 left. Hes been playing like an idiot all game and winning like one too... he had pocket fours and by the river had hit quads. i was going to post the picture but i need 20 forum posts to post a picture lmfao.


stick around it gets better

next time hope u run into another set of queens :]

yeah standard. Even AA no guarantee to win, so against all in pre flop, good insticnt needed.
Also what phase of tourney ? how many chips do you have ? many factor should be consider, LOL

being all in with QQ's preflop isn't a good standard move, most of the time. I don't like being all in preflop very much, for it takes all your options away and this is where donks come to play.

It happens.There are players who play any pair all in preflop no matter their stack
or position in the game.
I have seen plenty of times for example someone going all in, in the bubble with pocket 2's or 3's
while beeing in the top 5 and losing the hand by someone with more chips Smile

S**t happens m8 . Get use to it. That kind of stuff never stops Evil

thanks for the support and comments guys... ya i totally agree theres a time and place to play queens pre flop. and ya it aint gonna get any better in the future lmfao. i just happened to post it cause i had been getting sick beat after sick beat. knocking me out of tourny after tourny. just a rough day for poker lol. but the day ended good as i finaled the 50 dollar brm freeroll and finished third... once again getting donked out by the guy in first lmfao... but i went to the table with 40k left from my origonal 350k chip lead i held for the majority of the tourny and with some nicely timed bets got back to second in know time. hehe... but still third is third eh. oh and i was drunk too so like for a while i was knocking out alot of people and every time i did id spew out a sick rhyme for them,..... left a guy a dollar and then said dollar for your time a penny for your thoughts. you tried to bluff me and you just got caughts.

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