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Posted by Administrator:
When you follow the instructions correctly, for the gift offer, you will be inserting your Chili username (or whatever it is, user ID, etc) immediately - actually before you even begin playing. This adds a "claim gift"-button visible in your "bonus requests"-lists on your personal Mob account page. Then just click the "claim gift" button once you've qualified.

Yes but do we have to qualify by the end of Decmeber or is the qualification period unlimited?

It's not unlimited, but it's not "by end of December" either. But eventually we will not be able to process gift claims anymore, but as long as you're within "reasonable time for clearing the bonus", then don't worry, we will have your back covered. But if it takes most people 2 weeks to clear and you don't claim until after 6 months and the offer is no longer active, then we cannot promise we are able to process your claim. If the offer is still active on our site though, then we can easily process after 6 months or how long it might take.

hello,can someone can help me?
where i can write that bonus code where whit 20$ deposit and 15$ rake get free 50$?
and this promation now is posable?

Thanks for the answer Admin! It was something along those lines I was hoping for. I will be finished with it during januray latest, so I guess I'm in the clear. Smile

Posted by daviss36:
hello,can someone can help me?
where i can write that bonus code where whit 20$ deposit and 15$ rake get free 50$?
and this promation now is posable?

You go to the "Bankrolls"-page (click on Bankrolls almost on top of this page). Then you scroll down past the no depositbonuses, and further, until you reach the free poker gifts. There it is.

Click, read, prosper.


Edit: If you were eactually asking for where to write the bonuscode, and not how to find the offer, I apologize. As a matter of fact I don't remember if there was a code, and where I wrote it... I there should be one, I'm sure the instructions will explain it better than me

Edit2: Yes, there was a code. You are supposed to enter it in the pokersoftware when you make your first deposit. I belive there will be a space for that.

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Yes,now I can go to Chilli poker gift offer,PKR gift offer I was requested 17/12 and today 20/12 I made 1500 points,I think Tony said that Chilli poker have same fee to be done to reach 400 points 10-15$ fee.On PKR I played 0.2/0.4 $ 6 players and for 3 days is over,on what platform is Chilli poker,please who knows and better if somebody start to play for that gift offer to say how manny days I need to finish that offer Thumbs Up
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Thanks a lot Tony, very helpful posts! Thumbs Up

Schwabo --> 400 points is about 15-20$ of rake. Platform is Ipoker.

And yes there is a bonus code space when you make deposits! Be advised though, their support is gonna ask for some ID.

Ah, I sent them a picture of my Canadian health service card + a utility bill and they say that these documents aren't valid. Weird because I used the exact same pictures on other ipoker platforms and everything was okay.

Oh well, they're the ones loosing a customer, I don't really care! Thanks to BRM anyways for offering this promotion Smile

Edited by TheMachineQC (21 December 2011 @ 10:10 GMT)

Why don't you just upload your Identification card?

Got something to hide? Tongue

What could I wanna hide? Confused

I uploaded the only ID card I have: My health insurance card, with picture and everything, so that's just all I CAN do. With the utility bill, it should be enough. But as I said, I don't care, they lost a customer, I'll just play on one of the other sites that accepted the exact same files... Big Smile

"Dear Simon

Thank you for contacting our Chilipoker Support Team

The answer is no, the only official documents accepted are :

- Identity card

- Passport

- Drive license

If you have any questions or you require any further assistance, please feel free to contact us immediately.

I wish you a lovely day

Kind regards"

So basicly if you don't have a driver's license or passport you can't play there. What is an "Identity card", never heard of that in my country.

Edited by TheMachineQC (21 December 2011 @ 21:21 GMT)

OK, I thought I would update on how this Chilipokerthing is working out for me.

This friday, or maybe saturday, I finished the points and asked for the 5000 BRM-points. A message said it would take about 7 days, and that might have been exkluding holidays. I'm not sure.

This morning when I checked my mail there was a message saying the points had gone through. I logged in here, and there they were.

So it took, exkluding the weekend, a few hours for me to get them!

Worship Worship Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Smile

So, as I wrote here above I got my 5000 points this morning.

A few hours ago I asked for a withdrawal of like 8700 points to my Moneybookersaccount. A message said these withdrawals are processed once a week. However, if I would chose withdrawing to a pokersite, it's processed every workingday.

I need some funds at Moneybookers, so I kept my choice.

About one hour ago the money was in my account.

Eveything seems to go way faster than promised! Thanks BRM!

Smile Worship Worship Worship Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

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Posted by TheMachineQC:
Hey guys! I decided to take this gift offer but I don't understand how to deposit there.

After installing Chili, I was shocked that I couldn't simply use a credit card to deposit. I decided to deposit money on moneybookers so that I could transfer it on Chili poker. Now, I've tried 3 times to transfer that money on Chili poker: I click on cashier > deposit > moneybookers > I type in the requested informations > I type in my moneybookers e-mail/password and it works. Then, they ask me if I want to use direct bank transfer, credit card or the money I already have on their site. So here's the problem: Since I already deposited on moneybookers in that purpose, I pick the third option because I don't want to deposit again, but the money does not get transfered, I only get logged into my moneybookers account and I still have my money. Confused

I have used moneybookers a couple of times on other sites, I don't understand what's the problem here. Help me please! Smile

Is there a way to use the "send money" feature on moneybookers instead of using chili poker's cashier?

I had the same problem with Pokerstars and Money Bookers it did exactly the same thing but after 3 or 4 tries it finally worked go figure lolol. My advice is to clear your browser cookies and see if that helps also you might want to clear your browser cache cheers.

Maybe Chilli Now that you are loser and dont ant to make a demage to your bankroll Blink))

I too got my 5000 points from this offer today, transferred to Neteller within hours. This is the easiest bonus to clear yet.

Thank you BRM Thumbs Up Worship

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