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I just signed up to Red Kings Poker and saw they had a free $20 offer for their casino.

Naturally, I took them up on this offer, and by playing Blackjack I have turned it into $1100 in a few hours (Luck, I guess)

But to complete their bonus offer to withdraw you have to earn so many points (which is limited to certain games)

I am spinning on a slot machine at the moment which isn't losing me much money and I am likely to hit their points cap in a few minutes.

It says in their T&C that if you aren't a previous real money poker they will take all your winnings except $100 (i think it was $ but 100 something) so I am going to lose all this?

I was thinking of transferring it into my RedKingsPoker account that I just made as soon as I hit the points cap if it isn't instant, think that might work?

Just try it, if it works just play Poker for a while and after that cashout, they might not even notice it.

"Thank you. Your withdrawal request has been sent for processing.
You have withdrawn 1056.00 USD

This converts to 1056.00 USD.

The currency exchange is completed using our bank's daily exchange rate."

They have to process it (so I cancelled it for now)

I guess there's no point trying to play with it incase it just gets removed.

For Red Kings Poker you have to deposit via the same method before being able to withdraw which is kind of annoying but I guess my best bet is to try and transfer it there first without them noticing?

Maybe I can get round it by depositing and then trying to withdraw?

Anyone got experience with this site?


They will notice and yes you will lose everything but $100

never played there but if the terms and conditions say they'll take all but 100 then no matter what you do, they'll reset your balance to 100$.
dont try to get round the system but just follow the rules, even 100$ for free is good

Fair enough, it just seemed that because it wasn't automatic maybe I wasn't subject to the aforementioned.

I will request it to be transferred to my poker account and play with it Big Smile


Wow you managed to turn 20 $ to 1100 $ playing blackjack Smile , strange how people always seems to win in the beginning ...

Now go to your local casino and try the same Big Smile

I really don't have any kind of experience with them but is it's stated in their rules than it's like that...

Good luck and keep us posted!

Stupid post you got your answer in the t&c they aint going give you $1100 for free

Those are the rules of the site and most other casio sites have the same terms. I also won 3000 euro form 50 on the slots but will only be able to keep 100.

So basicly, never deposit money there Blink

If I were you I'd transfer it on poker and go play high stakes or big tourneys with it, and keep 100$ Big Smile

I do not play on Redkings anymore, because there is low player traffic and I do not like the software very much, but that is my opinion. Try the site, maybe you will like it.

Who has negged half the replies and me?

To be honest, fair enough if you throw me a thumbs down because I guess this post wasn't in the spirit of poker but these people took their time to reply to me and offered some valid information that was useful to me.

Apologies if you were negged because of this thread.

The issue is resolved now so this can be closed anyway Smile Dollar

So, what did you do with the money? Did you contact their support team to know what you can do with it?

It's on its way to my Poker account there

It counts as a first deposit into my Poker account too so I can get 100% bonus on the $150ish i'll have

I think i'll probably just play some Double or Nothing SNG's for $5-10 to begin with, see how long it will take me to unlock the bonus.

I'll probably move it to Party Poker after i've unlocked that though (or Full Tilt if it re-opens anytime soon)

You also get $300 if you get dealt pocket red kings in a cash game so i'll probably go low stakes and just wait for one too ($500 if you get a bad beat with them)

Casinos always have very difficult tasks and objectives to turn it possible to withdraw those winnings. I guess you must have had a lot of luck to manage to win that much, I never heard of someone winning so much with a bonus in just a couple of hours, like you said. But if you manage to do everything they want, than they will have to release your money. Hope you make it, and don’t forget to tell us what happened next. We all need to be informed of situations like yours.

I have played some times BlackJack with fun money in casinos and i cant get a break
with starting 100.
And you managed to turn 20 to 1100? Smile
Are you the casino owner and dont telling us? lol
Anyways good one

Maybe I should be playing Blackjack instead?

Yeah, they released my money, I have cashed out the $20 I had to deposit to withdraw, and have $160 in my Poker account at the time of writing (won a little from some double or nothing SNG's)

I was just playing Blackjack with my $20 but making sure I didn't bet so much that I would bust and eventually was able to make bigger bets, then I just found a slot machine that tended to not eat your $ so much so that I could make their points bonus (since blackjack wasn't allowed to achieve their points requirement)

Maybe I should move my $160 back to casino and try Blackjack? Dollar

I think I prefer Poker for now!

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