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Just browsing through poker sites click for Doyles room and i get the notice that pokerstars and full tillt had probs happened ages ago but i only just noticed

What? what does pokerstars and ftp have problems with? and when did doyles room get closed and why o0 hope its not ftp all over again...

Americanos need to start showing up at the polls or the govey gonna get their hands in everyones cake.

I agree with that Micro! Where are all the U.S. players hiding since the dark day? We need to support the right people to keep electronic poker alive in the U.S.

What I don't understand is, I watch all these tournies on the tube and there are all kinds of players wearing FT shirts and logos. I mean these tournies aren't old meaning prior to the government getting involved with FT and freezing everyones accounts in the U.S. Surely there's got to be some U.S. players that still care about what occurred.

That sounds like the best Idea anyone has come up with, make a stand or lose it all.
I find it quite silly really that they now have to come up with another bs plan to gain more money to pay of Debts. Its a sad day when that happens. Sad Sad Sad

erm.......... you just come out of prison?????? or been hiding under a rock for the past year Big Smile

Obama want peace of cake of pokerstars money,also he try to givit back some money from FT.Thats it,He was also under presure from land casinos

OMG guys, i made some research on google and it seems that the second world war ended....nearly 70 years ago °_°.

Kay just trolling here Tongue

More seriously, problems to FT and Pokerstars are old now, i'm surprised you didnt heared about it (but in fact, the black friday was not that shown in European media's (i think), so i can understand you didnt knew about it till you made some search on the web).
By the way, Full Tilt will now come back (bought by the Bernard Tapie Groupe) in 2012, but we dont know exactly when. I hope the room come back as good as it was and that ppl will be able to put confidence on it again.

Well of course all this bs with legislation and shutting down rooms all boils down to good old fashioned american greed. Online poker is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, and America just wants to get a piece of the pie as well.

What really bugs me though, is how the american tax system has that audacity to tax gambling winnings. I mean it's not like they'll give you a tax deduction if you lose. To me it's bull s**t hypocrisy and greed, and a bunch of american poker players are suffering needlessly, because their government is full of greedy fatcats.

Back on topic, I'm not suprised Doyles room was shut down. Doyle brunson and family announced a while ago that they were washing their hands of the business and disascociating themselves from it. It was just assumed it was because of the whole DOJ/black friday thing, but perhaps they had the foresight to see that something else was happening with the room.

here's an excerpt from one site: "One of the 10 sites seized in the raid was DoylesRoom, an online poker operator incorporated and licensed in Nicosia, Cyprus. Doyle Brunson has allegedly been in the process of leaving the site and removing his name from the brand"
and another one: " Below is the complete list of the domains:"

really are there any sites online that are safe- the more i think the more i am for just having some great time at the local casino- at least no one is gonna disappear with my money (like full tilt) Dollar

I have heard that Doyles Room has a new name, Americas Cardroom or so? And there can play peoples all over the world inclusive US Players. And had the software changed? Questions over Questions.

3-4 US states allow online gambling but with specific licence and control of deposits.Doyle room steel keep the name of doyles.Grey situations

wouldnt be to sure about that -
it can still happen in live poker as
least when the robbery was done online there was no Confused

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