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I know I am one of the stupidiest players around and I dont realy have patience.

2 or 3 days ago I deposit 25euro into Partypoker. I lost it, and deposit some again.. and again.. again.. untill I lost a total of 900 euro.

Now today, I just couldn't resist it. I deposit money again, and deposit.. and deposit.. until I lost a total of 1200 euro. At that moment I deposit 500 euro. I started playing and won some..lost some.. and won some again. Then some good hands brought me up to $4000. After that points I started playing Blackjack. Went from $5000 to $500. But then up again, won won won.. untill I had $5,000 again. Made one last bet ($500 bet), and YES! BLACKJACK!! $750 Smile..

Now I withdraw the money (3600 euro). And afterall I'm on a profit of 1200 euro or so..

Damn, were some rough days...

I shouldn't gamble realy, I'm addicted.

Just wanted to share this with you guys..

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Wow, do you consider yourself as a compulsive gambler? its just amazing how much you can gamble but in the end, its a good thing that you have won instead of losing.

Woahhh, either dedicated or out of control gambling there! Tongue I think you should take a break now that you've made quite a substantial amount of profit. Maybe learn from this mistake(?) and try not to do it again as the ending result might not be the same next time !

wow man are you serious ? thats a serious amount of money to be gambling away if you are. Did you not think of stopping when you lost the first 1k? lol i know your in profit at the end of the day but slow down man. Big Smile

Hehe I exactly know what you all mean. And I'm that kind of gambler who doesn't want to wait 30 days to make a slow profit. I wanne win fast.

I've made this mistake before, 2 times.

1 time I lost 500 euro, had no money left Tongue.

The other time, I deposit money.. lost till 400. Then deposit 222 euro. Lost till I had 150 euro left that night.

Next morning I started playing and won up to 3,500 euro. >_<

Anyway.. I just make the same mistake again, depositing more and more while I'm losing.

LOL i think this saying goes exactly for you

"If you think you're playing too much.......
......Play more!"

- same applies to me cause I'm a games. (PC Games)

lol your crazy man i have a limit and i know if im near it then its time to quit and have a break if you know what i mean lol and if i go broke i certainly wonnt deposit straight away to try gain my losses back that would be crazy of me but hey good luck i hopew you do well and win BIG! Big Smile

this is much more money for me !

but congratulations that you win !!

Quite a story, usually they don't end in the positive. I always stress good bankroll management..You should really play within your budget. May not always end so well.

Mate Blink what are you talking about, you had a nice emotional rollercoaster, i deposited money, some 300€ and i even cant remember cause i came back from a party, ive been drunk and my parents were allready workin, that sucks really, if you just earn some 550€ in the army :s

hahah wow that sounds not so much as a problem (lol not yet because you left up lol) just make sure next time that if you find yourself down lol dont go betting your house to try adn win what you lost back ahah may nto get as lucky lol

damn from where do you get those amounts of money to deposit !??!?!?
but seriously sounds like you have a serious gambling problem ... what would have happended if you hadn't won ?!? then you would hae depoited til no money was left thats some serious business !
its great that you have won but it was just luck maybe next time u wont have that much luck and then ur money will be gone faster than u know !

Don't feel bad if you got it some times you have to play it to win it .

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