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It's a story about my 3rd semi-succesful attemt of building a decent bankroll from scratch.

In december decided to start with it one more time after whole year of not playing. Went (back) to this site in search for a good offer to get on my feet easier. Nothing was up except HPP leaderboard offer. Looked promising so i went for it. I joined there when freerolls were 5 and 10€ every 15 mins. I won couple went busto on cash tables then went back to freerolls. After 7 days of back and fourth managed to double up 5€ and started playing 0.88€ - 2.20€ buy-in GTD tournaments. In next 2 days won my first one and placed final 6 3 more times and went up to around 100€.
In following 10 days i played 5-6 hours a day only tournaments and went up to 350€. From then on GTD tournaments were off and there were only couple of people playing MTTs wich looked more like STTs so i decided to wait for my new card to arrive so i can switch part of bankroll to other site leaving some for MTTs.
But instead, since i had to wait 2 weeks, got a "briliant" idea of playing cash games once again. Started like a dream first day. Brought first 10€ on 5c/10c table and got up to 100€ in half an hour thanks to some crazy action. Played few more days was around even, with rake being my earnings from cash games.
Then "D day" comes. Was on couple of beers and decided to up a limit. After losing initial buy-in a devil got inside me went up a limit another time and in couple of hours balance showed 0 Aww crap! and that was "THE END". Big Smile
This was my 3rd attemt as well as 3rd exact same ending of my story. Frustrating to say the least. After couple of days now chilling from poker i still feel like crap.

I m sharing this story cause i would like you to help me with advice on how to continue since i will but this time not from 0.
Main thing i m interested is in players who got staked or do get staked if there are any on this site. Would like to know what is the common deal and how it works in general. Do you think it's a good idea to make such deals to build a bankroll etc. any kind of input welcomed. Worship

p.s. I realize asking for stake etc. is forbidden on this site and i'm not doing that nor will i, just would like to know about it hope that's fine.


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maaan dont invest in poker you are born is not good,just coffee and cakes plase when you play Worship

sad story.. Disagree
our impatience always become boomerang... need to manage ourselves better and better again. or...., dont drunk.... Blink
dont have any idea for stake planning, i'm stil learning too.. Big Smile


Bad bankrollmanagement while playing drinking alcohol is an invitation for desaster. If you continue to do so, you will never be able to build (and keep) a decent roll.

Tilt control and bankroll management, if we all worked on those two things as much as we work on our actual game strategy we would be so much further ahead. I know this firsthand and my roll this month has been a crazy roller coaster. You have to set yourself limits after you have built a nice roll, and play the micros when you are not at your best but still feel like playing - this generally works for me.

I suggest you read MicroMachina blog, He said start from freeroll, either. Even he play money.
now he very successful. But I don't know how many years he had been play before come back.

Good luck Big Smile Smile Smile

You brought the disaster to yourself.
Third time doing that is not smart at all.
At least you need to cash out some money when you start winning no matter what.
That way after going to 0 you can deposit (also getting a deposit bonus) and start over.
When you had the 350 euro you should have cashed 100-150 and play the rest at limits
specified by proper bankroll management.You need to learn to control yourself,
if you want to win in the long run.
gl with your next try.

Verry nice bankroll management Cool
To gamble at the beginning is ok, but with 350€ you had a good chance to play the next games with a solid br management. So the story ends like a casino gambler adventure Big Smile

After this stories i don't think you'll find people that will want to stake you...

Considering you made pretty good bankrolls couple of times it seems you got to skill but you lack in self control, so my advice would be to work more on mindset.

Thx for posting guys.

@Macubaas - First sentence made me laugh Big Smile

Idd i come from casino gambling past that i left of long ago but those bloody "instincts" are still inside me. That s the main reason i even consider staking option to control myself and stay away from "gamble". But before i go for it would like to know more about it. Main thing i want to know is what s the common deal, percentages, number of buy-ins i can get regarding tournament field size and prize relations. That sort of thing.

There are thousands of players on this site someone should be able to give me some input on it?

@djtopato - might be truth Big Smile


Hi guys!!

Make a bankroll from 0 is really hard so, why once you have an amount that allows you to play micro limits comfortably you do not care your bank?

Bank Roll Management, always Bank Roll Management.

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