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I have been doing some betting at Bet770 lately. The site is kinda slow sometimes on my computer, but otherwise it's totally OK. They send me mails with really good bonuses from time to time, and I got a playthrough to do there, so I have made a number of bets during the latest months.

Now, every time a bet is setteled, they send you an email. And that's nice. I like that.

But the last few months it has not always arrived. I'm not sure, but it seemed to me that it was only the winning bets I was notified of, and not the losing.

No biggie, though. It's quite easy to log in and check up on the situation. And when I caught on to the "system", it worked well too. No mail - no win. (I don't have time to follow all the sports.)

Anyway, this morning when I checked the mail, I hade like 53 mails. 50 was from Bet770. It was all the mails I hadn't got earlier. And they just kept coming during the day. Quite bizarre.

Since it was only the losing bets, it was pretty pretty depressing: You have lost your bet of 63 £...

"Thanks, I knew that already. I had almost managed to forget about it, but thanks for reminding me. Really classy..."

And not only that. Every bet came like 3 or 5 times...

If Bet770 wanted me to feel like a loser, they sure did a good job!

Anybody else had this experience, or am I the only one? (Aka unique kind of a loser.)

well that was a very odd experience to have, i doubt a lot have experienced something similar. to me this would be a good sign to think about the safety of my money- clearly something is not very well if such things happen, and you mentioned site is kinda slow- there are more reliable bookies imho, but of course the decision is totally yours, good luck Beer


Thanks for the answer!

I don't really doubt Bet770 just because of this. They have made quite big cashouts to me in the past, without any problems.

Any bookie can off course go broke or be hacked, but I'm not particulary worried about them, more than any other.

And, besides, it might have been my mail too that has in some strange way f*cked up. Don't know if that is possible, but I don't know that it's not, anyway...

It was probably the email of yours or the email service provider.
I believe that such messages are automated and sent after your win or loss.
I just speculate here.
But i know for a fact that i had a problem with a yahoo email and wasnt getting emails from most of my contacts.
4th day all emails i was expecting came through and most of them more than once like yours.
Technology Big Smile

Posted by Mober:
It was probably the email of yours or the email service provider.

Yeah, it feels a bit that way. If the fault was located at Bet770, they would probably been contacted by other people that had the same experience and sent (yet another) email explaining what had happened.

But still, it's strange that it was only the mails from one senderthat got stuck somewhere...

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