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i saw this video on youtube and i just stopped and couldnt really think what was going through phil iveys head when he was playing this hand that certian day.. what would you put booth on? (besides and idoit)

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I put him on 4,2. Just joking..I would first put him on a set. And would think about it and maybe put him on two overs and a flush draw. Why would he push it all in with a set? Hmm..Phil has the king of Diamond too so tough decision.

see if i was phil i would of called thats why im wondering... would i of been wrong in doing so?

but what i think gave it away was at the beginning of the play he slams some chips in the pot an i uno just the was he was talking and everything i put him on trying to win this pot/hand no matter what happens he was just in a gambling mood but still.. i uno lol

p.s look at phils face when he folds lol he looks says it all

The reason I might think he has a set cause he asked how much Phil had at the beginning incase he did have a pair would it be worth it to try for a set. I didn't notice the slam down at the beginning, it does look likes hes making a move but could still have a small pair. So I don't know. Lots of money in there, I don't know if I would fold.

why none of you would consider Aces as an option confuses me, i know the standard way to play AA is to reraise preflop but if i know that someone is going to bet out on the flop then why push them out of the hand by telling them too much of it preflop, The all in would make sense with pocket aces too, sure it doesnt make sense with his talking preflop, "how much do you have?" but at these tables i wouldnt be suprised if they try to give off the wrong tells with hands like aces

Ya, I seen Booth slow play aces on Poker After Dark when there was like 4 other in the pot. I guess aces is a possibility..

Lol, really, i would have call but i believe thats not my strength really Big Smile
I dont like the way Brad Booth played that hand, actually he played it quite bad.
he raised preflop, and was so hot to play 4/2 Spade that he called Phils nice raise, after asking him how much he has. Brad Booth even had no pokerface at all, allthough this shouldnt be easy betting 300k.

i dont like the way brad booth plays at all... hes not good of a player in my opinion i find alot of "incorrect" plays but i mean that could be what got him where he is..

but theres a poker after dark with patrik antonius and its them 2 heads up.. and patrik is down i think 4 to 1 in chips and ends up winning. (mind you thats his forte, but still booth is an idoit)

I tihkn i would call, hes trying to hard to push you out in the pot.

Cojones mi amigo Blink Dunno if i'd have folded KK in that Situation. Bluff or set, thats the Question... wouldve called with eyes closed i guess.

the way i see it if he flopped a set there is no way that he would of put phil all in... none what so ever.. knowing that phil had a decent hand (the raise pre flop) he would of tried to either pot commit phil and slow play him dont think he would instant go all in.. very confusing play

Not because its a lot of money... But how can you get out of this hand?

*** Handhistory for game 40428004 ***
Blinds $0.05/$0.10 PL Hold'em - 24.03.2008 - 22:50

Seat 1 is the button
Total number of players: 6
Seat 1: delpiero ( $4.75 ) - in game
Seat 2: stupoid ( $6.25 ) - in game
Seat 3: GJaks ( $2.80 ) - in game
Seat 4: NoSound_TILT ( $2.38 ) - in game
Seat 5: billfan ( $4.50 ) - in game
Seat 6: Kjube ( $9.59 ) - in game

stupoid posts SB $0.05.
GJaks posts BB $0.10.
**** dealing down cards ****
Dealt to NoSound_TILT [ 7ª, 8© ]
NoSound_TILT calls $0.10.
delpiero raises $0.20.
GJaks calls $0.10.
NoSound_TILT calls $0.10.
**** dealing flop **** [ 7¨, 8ª, 6¨ ]
GJaks bets $0.10.
NoSound_TILT calls $0.10.
delpiero raises $0.40.
GJaks calls $0.30.
NoSound_TILT raises $2.08.
delpiero raises $4.15.
GJaks calls $2.20.
**** dealing turn **** [ 6§ ]
**** dealing river **** [ k© ]
delpiero wins $7.19 from main pot with a straight, ten high [ t§, 9§, 8ª, 7¨, 6§ ].
delpiero wins $0.84 from side pot with a straight, ten high [ t§, 9§, 8ª, 7¨, 6§ ].

The ofther player had j" 3"

i would put brad booth on a set or a straightflush wraw and ivey didnt waant to gamble with his 300000$ so he was wisely and he folded ivey is the king of poker

i would first put brad booth on a straight, possibly a set.

god, that had to suck for phil ivey.

he looked so pissed at the end of the video, look at his face, it's priceless.

i don't think i could ever put $300,000 on a 4 high. bluff or not, that's too much damn money.

Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! oh no no no...phil CALL CALL CAAALLL.. Big Smile

I have seen pocket K's adn A's get beat so bad on flops like that, I would have folded them as well. There were still 2 cards to come and I would wager that one or both would have given Booth the flush or straight, killing Ivey's K's.
That is why Phil is King of Poker!!!! Cool

def call..i would have put him on a draw..get your chips in while you're ahead..

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