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do i realy need to say how my days been  0   
i think that every pokerklient should kick monkeys and donks
forget it... 45 hands.. all in a row and all sick at rojalpoker anyway..
... if i could just.....
the last hand i played i had AQ anyway and this donk raises me
he thinks its funny to do that everytime i make a move so i call him
flop is A-7-10 rainbow, i know hes gonna call me whatever i do so i just puch all of it in
he has... noo wait for it....wait for it.... a whopping 7-2 offsiut ladys and gentlemen.. give a roud of applauds for the stupid idiot whos skrewing upp the game for everyone ells and makes me whant to snap his neck and run him over whit a truck and then watch him bleed to death while im doing his mom and his sister in a 3-way.....
need i say that i got a 2 on the turn?

That sucks, how much did you lose? You reminded of a song called "I hope you die" by Bloodhound Gang.

Ahhh that's sick im sorry that you run into these donks all the time but I do it too. Actually earlier I was thinking there should be a poker site where the best hand allways won Smile no suckouts Smile but then it wouldn't be poker.
I love the way you describe the hand and how you feel about it...I feel the exact same way Evil

i think there should be more clients like FTP where donks dont stand mutch of a chanse, thats the only client i can make any money on.
the worst thing about last night was that i played grate all night and i had a read on everyone and saw all the tells, it was at royalpoker i got those free 10 bucks there and in 2 hour i had 100 bucks and i was just about to leve when i lost like 10 bucks on a minor suckout (he had outs and he played it well) and i was just gonna get that money back but i did not win any of the 45 hands i played...

i guess everyone here knows how tough it is to play against donks who always have the luck on their side but we will never get rid of them and on the other hand think about a pokersite with no donks and just average or aboveaverage players on the long run it would be pretty hard to win there

The other day I was playing a sit and go. This donk really got on my nerves, he got a couple suck outs on me than I was on tilt. I was pushing all in on anything and he called with a crap hand worst than my crap hand and he won.

Haha I'll throw a donk story in too. Im playing NL50 and im trying to punish this donk for limping all the time with rag im in BB with AQo everybody folds and donk limps from Dealer SB folds I raise it up 5 BB he insta calls. The guy has been out of line several times and has limp-called many of my raises and then just shoves on flop so im pretty tired of him but still I don't wonna be the donk and call him with nada. He bluffs alot and shows and then thinks he can continue bluffing. So he limp-called pre and flop comes 2c-7c-Jd. I bet hard continueation bet and he shoves again on me for the 3rd time. But this time he got so much on my nerves that I just followed my gut feeling and called all-in with high card something I never do normally. I thought he didn't have anything, couldn't put him on a hand since he played 80% of his hands and called all raises, but if he had hit atleast I had two overs to hit plus Ac for a backdoor flushdraw. Normally I would just wait untill im sure that I got him but a blend of testosterone, tilt and a very strong feeling that he had nada made me do the donk call.
He shows A-9o so he's got 3 outs and doesn't get it Big Smile SHIP IT....HOLA
It felt so great to make this call in last moment that the rest of the day I was invisble I trusted my feeling 100% and was spot on allmost everytime. 1st hour after this call I made 5,5 BI's at NL50 simply flying Cool
sadly that is not my normal win rate Smile

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donks are craching me down toda also Sad i just dont understand the gravity of there luck, they win 10-15 hands in a row whit nothing i would even look at twise before folding..

ive gone from my winning streak of 1300 dollars to 500 in 3 crapy days

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