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decided i would give pkr ago as they have been sending me lots of emails, downloaded it loaded it up which quickly resulted in my laptop having a very long stroke and me in a hulk rage wanting to throw my laptop at the wall.....sometime later pky eventually closed and my laptop made a full recovery from it's stroke. anybody had this problem with pkr and got an idea how to avoid it or is it just my laptop not good enough??? as i would like to try out the software Question

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wow,never had that happen.Better to check the software requirements Confused

might be your laptop, but hard to say without specifications Confused
heard they have a 2d client too, maybe that'll run fine on your laptop

If your laptop is old dont even bother.
It will keep crashing your pc, and even if you manage to play it will need to be the only program running, either that or crash again.
From what i have seen though they say that you can choose to disable the 3d graphics so that
it requires less.
Test it with the 3d disabled and if it continues just uninstall or buy a new laptop Smile

It does sound like a PC issue, but I wouldn't know without knowing some things about your laptop.
1. How many GB does it have?
2. Is it a pentium plus processor?
3. MHz
4. This shouldn't matter, but what windows do you run XP, 7, etc.

my laptop is around 5 years old and i run PKR lite works fine

Could be your video card. PKR, although its a poker client, uses around the same specs graphics wise to a 2008+ game. The lite should work fine tho, as there is no animation or very little.

You have old laptop with onboard video card. That's very bad and will run everything that is 3D pretty bad or wont run at all.


p.s. Even sites like HPP that use directx will run slower.

PKR you have to have a good laptop/pc also a good internet connection try and play the lite version if your computer is struggling also pkr make you send id to them befor you can deposit their.

GL Blink

before u deposit? I did not have to do this, maybe before u withdraw

Yeah we definitely need to see those specs. OS would be good to know to. I wouldn't expect a poker software to be too taxing for any laptop made within the last ten years but I guess PKR is more demanding then others with it's 3d right?

My laptop is 8 years old now. They grow up so fast lol .
And its a no go for PKR. And its not only that. Im facing more problems with other things too.
Its in its last year. Heading for recycle Smile

@ Arithmajik I think PKR is the most demanding poker software even in 2d

I had the same problem when i used a dongle now i have broadband with a good connection speed it runs fine.

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