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How often do you take breaks from the felt?

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Taking Days Off......  0   
So for one of my new threads I'm covering "Days off". As I have begun playing for a living I find that days off are essential for a sharp game. When playing live, I have found that smaller buy-in tournaments & cash games are not very profitable. With the tournaments it's bad structure, with the cash games the rake is usually too high and there isn't enough money in play. So I have been taking a lot more days off. Let me explain.
First off I have decided instead of playing lower buy in games with bad structures or too high of a rake, to play higher buy in events & cash games. The potential for profit is much higher, as well as the skill level of player. Let me tell you, it's a lot harder not to want to knock a guy's block off for calling you light & getting there, when your playing for your lungs. For your life. Which brings me to the point of my thread. I believe it is much more profitable to play higher, but play less. Than to play more often, grinding it out in smaller stakes, for less potential profit. Grinding it out takes a lot of energy & focus. So why sell yourself short & play longer for potentially less profit? Why play so often that when you do play, you're not 100% focused? Sure fish are easy marks, but even the fish gets lucky from time to time.
So I guess what I'm saying is my advice to you to improve your game. Play less, take lots of breaks, and more importantly find the games with the best potential for profit for you. Until next time Mobsters. Evil

I usually play everyday but sometimes i take some couple of days off poker because i have other things to attend too...

For me personally taking a break affects my game, i mean i play better without pause Smile

A takeoff is good to push the motivation after a breakeven time. U can analyse your game and eleminate some bucks in your game. When i have cleared a bonus, i use a free day to look for a new room.

I agree with you decapo. I think breaks are of the utmost importance. You definitely need to take time off to analyze your game, how you've played hands, ect. I find that I get the most improvement in my game when i take time off & put in work on my game off the felt. Gotta find the leaks. Evil

I agree - everyone needs a break, whether from tournaments or cash games. But if the break is a forced one - for me I find I start getting withdrawal symptoms ! Forced is like we have to go away for a a day or more and it was not really a planned thing in advance !

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