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Today i've played 2 bankroll freerolls and after that - I got a conclusion:

What the f**k am I doin'!? Question

I've spent 5h-6h playin, and I've finished about 800th (about 6k players) and 200th (about 7k players) place.. Ok, for the first tournament - that's bad, for the second - acceptable.. But, it's not about results here, it's not about how I busted (have to explain -

1st tour - Im SB, have about 25k chips, and got A Heart A Diamond.. 4guys limps in, I raised regulary 7bb.. guy in in middle position reraised me, I went allin preflop, he calls.. He calls immediately 25k chips (he had about 29k) with K Spade 10 Club !! WTF?
Flop - 3 Spade 3 Heart 6 Spade
Turn - 9 Spade
River - 10 Spade Aww crap!
What about that - I got eliminated with a flush.. damn runnerrunner flush..)

2nd tour - ( Im BB, some donk in early position raises 3xBB, 2 donks limp, I raised about 7,5BB.. DONK in early position called, 2 other donks fold...
Flop - J Spade 4 Club 3 Heart
When he saw flop, immediately allin. I called.. I had AA - he had J6...Turn 5.. River 7... Aww crap! )

As I said, it's not about anything of this..
Its just about point. Is it fine to spent 2-3-4-5hours of play and leave tour without nothing but nervous..? You cant do nothing about 8000 of players (6000 of them are russian donks who think thats allin festival).. For what?

I know Im new bankrollmob, but.. I dont see any point in this tour..
To admin - You're giving a lot of money in this monthly leaderboards.. You have to do something that real mobsters have chance to win that money.. If I can help somehow - im here for anything.
I just see no point playing this tour unless if someone brings some changes for good...

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It is poker not exact science. You can't win every time you play even if you play perfect. Field is rly weak so it's good practice for me. You can test all kinds of moves there, i started to like it Big Smile
Look at it as that and you'll have some nice time playing it.
I also lose like that (and many others) often near bubble but it's ok, i mean the field is too big and loose players so it's to be expected, but if you play good you should manage to go far. If you can't beat worse kind of player who can you beat. Try to change your approach.


i played too in this bankrollmob tourney, and i say that there is full or russians. Nothing with them but 80% of hem are making all in with every kind of cards, like all in festival. It is not my problem and i know that were a lots of discussion about this, but do something to stop enter so many peoples who are not Mob members.They just got password and go all in. So is very hard to play with them cause we loose with very good cards like MrBokee and they win with 7 2.

I do agree the fact that BRM freerolls are swamped with players who I am sure contribute nothing to the BRM, I played the christmas one last night and realised who the hell controls the free rolls it isnt BRM it is players from Eastern Europe.

They just take control with the freerolls on all other site s to, just take a look at stars 888poker thats just 2 of em.

Every hand one of em just shoves all there chips in spoilng the game were most others are attempting to improve there game.

I feel that there should be a cap on all countries in free rolls say 200 from each country, this will give most a chance to improve there game ans maybe cash a little.

Do these countries have nothing better to do than play poer 24/7, I dont get involved with the daoily freerolls on BRM any more there is no point and I am sure that there are many others who dont because of this infestation of these countries in the freerolls.

Thats just my point on this issue.

Dont think that way. Its always nice to be part of the comunity games and, who knows, if you manage to win one, you will instantly pass to the front of many mobsters who are in this rank. If you only manage to make some points, it depends on the points you do, but its always funny to be part of it!

thats the best thing about freerolls.they free.just go all in and if you luck on the day you may get a cash.with that amount of players your odds of doing really well are not so great.ive found the freerolls ive won have been donk fests for me.allin,but with any good cards and rely on lluck.if you get a big enough bankroll you can the play smart. Sad Big Smile

In order to survive in freerolls, try not to go all-in preflop if there are bigger stacks in the hand, that have displayed "all-in-frenzy"-behaviour.
You should also play a tighter range when someone has raised before you, because this triggers a cascade of raises that end up in a 3 or more-way all-in (you're not gonna survive many of those, no matter how good your starting hand was)...

If you know you can get the donk isolated, you can really extract value from these players, by playing a slightly wider range than you would otherwise...

Also, I suspect no one plays these freerolls for the money, not even in low wage countries...

So just make some adjustments to your game to better counter the freeroll style of play, and you should do well.

Unless you have some serious time to spare and be lucky enough to be in the final table to get some money worth your time, most of the times its a waste.
Those tournaments are to be played along with other games.

People playing those freerolls must be the physically laziest people on earth wasting HOURS for the almost non existing possibility to win a few dollars. If you need 10 $ go and make your neigbours parking lot free from snow and charge 10 $ ! Where the f do people find all this spare time? And then wasting it ... you only live once.

I admit i have played freerolls in the beginng of my poker"career" but they only lasted about 4 hours MAX if you wanted to take first place for over 100 $ at betsson long time ago. Playing that many hours for that little money isnt healthy in any way.

(EDIT : This post wasnt aimed at the thread maker)

Now i went out after i was chip leader with 40k. Lost it all in 4-5 hands Big Smile. Still adjusting my play for the later stage of tourney.
My loose agressive approach works until bubble then i need to change it up completely cause it's not working. 3 out of 4 today and yesterday i dominated until bubble then i went out pretty fast.
It's actually pretty funny cause if i change my strategy near the bubble it is completely opposite strategy from one i use in serious tournaments.
So try being agressive first 40 min - an hour raise many pots and bluff a lot then switch to uber tight play.


oh this question again- yeah this topic gets enough posts i guess...this shows that there are a lot of dudes who want to take part in freerolls but are getting pissed of by the ones who just want to take part in a be fair the structure of the freeroll is way too quick to count it a normal poker tourney a donkfest is a donkfest i guess with or without the russians

aye , i know i played some of them and you just cant get past the donking russians at the start,unless you play super tight and then when it calms down a bit you find your miles behind and it's hard to catch up.

The only thing you can really use a freeroll for is anti-tilt practice. They are free and we all have made stupid plays in them and we all have won a few pots playing stupidly in them. So really they are only useful for practice to learn to play with bad players. Which is exactly what the micro mtts have in them anyways so its perfect practice.

It still stings in the eye and if you cant deal with it then making a small deposit would help your mental state tremendously.

Also in freerolls ive always noticed everyone limps and if u find ur self in that spot simply wait for premium top ten hands and bet pot. ull get one or two callers and then value bet their life away. They will call. Sure u will lose a few times but in those games no where as much as if you try outplaying calling stations.

make strong moves into the pot.

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Something needs to be changed indeed but i'm sure bankrollmob listen to it's members opinions Blink

Still, freerolls are a different type of poker in my mind, they are way too loose for my taste...

I've read all your post.. I appreciate everyones opinion and got only one conclusion..

To stop playing freerolls.. Big Smile Really..

I thought to fight for some points on leaderboard, but.. puuuufff.. no way to spare my time, my nervs on freeroll.. stoped for now..
If bankrollmob wants to make real tour for mobster, donk make freeroll there.. put buyin for 1$.. leaderboard prices are not so low..

BTW. The best freeroll I've ever played is dozn01's Big Smile and im not liein'... but, prices were huge, maybe cuz of that everyone played very nice..

I am overwhelmed by the posts from people whose style of play (with some luck thrown it is poker we are talking about) has resulted in them winning the final table! Oh yeh of course....... It's just people who expect AA to win on a preflop all in after someone else has gone all in......hmmmmm... my AA may get out drawn by a loose player! I didn't think of that possibility but I'll moan anyway !

But suckouts in the freerolls are totally normal. You see a lot of players in every hand and so you get more suckouts. After 4 hours it is verry hard, but on the tour you can win in a long run not only in one freeroll. And at the end, the best players win.

@xdomagojx, but you were keeping the same way of playing, you were doing the way it should be, or were you tired and you were just throwing chips to the pot till others stop calling? Losing that much in a few hands can happen, and when it does its disastrous, but doing it on purpose its even worst. There is no excuse for that, not even if you had to go away and shut the PC, in that case you should have let the game as it was that, perhaps, you could have even reached paid places.

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