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Posted by smoochpop:
Good day arithmajik.... story? not really, i just of a name that would not be the same as others.. i tried different usernames but came up with others having it.. so i guess this is the perfect name.. unique though hehe..
Thanks for the good will my friend.. i hope we make it big playing poker..

Today update:

played for a few minutes because of 6 players only...i have manage to get a little at NL.05/.10.

BR : $18.05
LP : 29

by the way i just got my party poker free bankroll of 25$..

PP BR : 24.94 down by $.06 for an hour of play.. hehhe

Looks like you're still doing good (which is good), glad to see it. The party offer is good, but the gift offer at Party is unbelievably good. Remember you can only do one offer per site, so try not to miss out on those if you can.

Keep up the good work.

When i try to withdraw my bankroll it says minimum amount =$5000 by wire transfer Aww crap!
Any luck with your withdrawl Arithmajik ???? Dollar Dollar Dollar

LoL Aww crap!

Strange platform Angry

And how it's going on?
You was able to cash out ? ore you make more profit Big Smile
Dollar Dollar i hope you didn't lose everything.

Don't waste your time with Kingdom of poker...

Just wondered how you are getting on with the bankroll building ? Mine is now in 3 figures Big Smile but it seems like its starting to screw me over .Keep getting beat with the best starting hand - AA v 77
QQ v 33 , AK v 42 !! Aww crap!

Posted by comisaru:
Don't waste your time with Kingdom of poker...

this says it all...k what kind of poker site is this? I'm down to 2 bucks n change. Lost an AI
AAvsAK. Got rivered, no biggie, happens. Couldn't get back on the table coz the min BI was $4... generally deposit on a site where my bankroll grows. Means there's upswings and well as downswings. The sites where it's all down...tyvm I'm outta here...deposit Confused ..lmao
Has anyone else received the offer I posted above?...that's why I went back... to try again. Brainfart...I'm cured. Blink

Edited by rbdflyboy (16 February 2012 @ 01:47 GMT)

The only thing you can do with such small a bankroll is to play for fun. Forget about br management and odds because you can't have either of these. All you can do is play as tight as you can for a sixmax (or wait for fullring table couple of hours) and hope for the best.
I just went up to 25 bucks, playing against guys who apparently have that facebook zynga attitude and play bingo poker. Will probably lose it one of these days KK vs 72os because that is the way it goes.
If I don't I will certainly try to withdraw and take it to one of my regular sites.

Will someone from " kingdom of poker " please let me know how i can withdraw money from this site ,and what the minimum limits are for withdrawls .All i can find on the site is - neteller (which i dont have) and wire transfer (minimum of $5000) Disagree If i made a deposit using a credit card/ visa card then could i then make a withdrawl onto this card ???
If an administrator reads this ,then could they please ask someone from the site to answer these questions . Cool

ANY 1 ?

Kingdom dont answer my emails !! - does anyone know how you can withdraw from this site without having a $5000 bankroll ??????????????????? Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

Edited by kingfisha (20 February 2012 @ 14:51 GMT)

hey. how long time did you wait for $ 8? and you didn't use a code, that's right?

There isnt another method to withdraw rather than wire transfer?
And what kind of limit is this?
Its clearly an indication that they dont want people to cash out from their platform.
Only deposits accepted Smile

The bankroll is tracked to BRM no code needed. You just had to download the platfrom byt the link provided here in BRM.
There is a code though for deposit bonus if you like.

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