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Well started off with a $2.50 satellite ticket and after alot of hard work, worked my way up the ladder to this tourney, here is where i ended up.....
mind u there were 1 available add on's (which pretty much everyone bought) and unlimited rebuys and all i had was the ticket so no rebuy's or add on's for me and still. Turning point was dealt pocket 5's chip leader had been stealing blinds alot. He raised 3x i called and hit the 5 on the flop. He called me all in and i was happy to join Smile

So looks like i'll be playing in sunday's $100,000 guaranteed, wish me luck!

Name $100,000 Satellite - Rebuys / Addon
Description Daily $10 Satellite with a minimum of 1 x Sunday $100,000 Guaranteed coupon awarded.
Status Finished
Game Type No Limit Texas Holdem
Guaranteed Prizepool 109.00
Total Prizepool 250.00
Buy In 10.00
Entry Fee 1.00
Bounty 0.00
Addons 1
Rebuys unlimited
Vip Points Earned 10.00000
Blinds New 10 Min Network Standard (Antes after level 8)
Break Length 5
Break Frequency 55
Min Players 2
Max Players 2000
Seats Per Table 9
Starting Chips 2000
Tab Locations Scheduled / Satellite
Late Registration Ends after 40 minutes
Announced Wed 8th February 2012, 16:15:00
Registration Thu 9th February 2012, 16:15:00
Start Time Thu 9th February 2012, 20:15:00
Finished Thu 9th February 2012, 22:28:48

Finished Players/Standings
Place Player Chips/Winnings
1 mongo1976 $109.00

Edited by mongo1976 (10 February 2012 @ 03:58 GMT)

Nice ! Thumbs Up

Hope you do well in that one on sunday.
Let us know how you got on after the game.
Always very interesting to hear.

Best of luck m8! hope u cash in big Dollar Thumbs Up

Winning an entry to a $100,000 Guaranteed Tourney spending only $2.50? That’s almost priceless!!! You have everything on your side to make this run well: you have no pressure (or at least you haven’t lots of pressure) because you haven’t spent the money of the buy-in. You just made $109, besides that great ticket! You know how to play, these experience, till you got this ticket, gave you what you need to go for that MTT knowing what you will find: a big pot of sharks, snakes and rats! Wish you the best of luck!

oooh good luck !

I won a ticket into PKR's monthly $100K GTD in Jan, but I crashed out like 160/500 or something.. So hope you do better than I did!!!!!

Be sure to let us all know how you go!

And if you hit the FT - put a post up; you might get some railers Thumbs Up

GL Cool

Sweet and good luck to thesunday event mate, you'll definately need it!!

Also make sure to keep us posted on the evolution from sunday, lets hope you'll be itm Smile Dollar Dollar Dollar

Super Awesome Man WTG!!!! Ill be playing in a freeroll to get in on saturday. I hope i can join u!!!

Yahoooo, i got my ticket today to the dance tomorrow. Part of me wants to save the 109$ ticket for poker maximus main event but its 4 weeks away at least.

Wanna chop 90-10%? Meaning if i win anything u get 10% and vice versa?

Good luck and my SN is same as here so be sure to say hi if we at same table.

well after an hour and half of play im out, first loss pocket AA flop JJ9 turn Q player 2 goes all in i fold leaving me short stack while later i get AKS lost to 9-10 verry dissapointed but no loss as i paid nothing to enter but still.....was hopin g 4 better

GL Micro

Good playing Mongo for $2.50 you can't beat it. Let us know how well you do in that 100K. Like to read about the games Mobsters play in whether they do well or poor. It makes me realize that we all have good games and bad games, but at least we're having fun.

Good performance.. gogogo Thumbs Up

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