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So ive documented some of experiences with Hero. Ive had major issues with getting anywhere in terms of withdrawing. Ive suffered an nsf fee from insta-debit because of their deposit2withdraw policy and finally after deciding a check is best, they need address verification to add "lane" onto my existing addy.

They have only replied with automated emails and everytime i fulfill one term im met with another one in a new automated email. Why they never sent the process in totality is still beyond me.

Many emails with increasing levels of frustration and now they are not replying or even sending a ticket number.

Finally i snapped off a email this morning spelling out my issues in no uncertain terms while also informing them of my opinion of their practices.

Mid-game my chat is shut down.... No email why or that it was. Just no more chatty cathy.

So im left thinking why it was suspended or banned. Could it be my chat to other players? Sure, im not afraid of discussing things with fellow players and sometimes cross the line. Would they not send an email though? Could it be chat is not working? Nope, others are still talking to me but i can't reply. Does dislike me? i dont care give me my money!!!!!!

Likely banning my chat (first time EVER anywhere) is the best thing for my game. All the same this is crazy but if they do send an email with any explanation and im in the wrong whatsoever. Ill post the results.

Who doesnt like some drama?

So i just got my ticket concerning my chat. I sent one off to support asking why?.

Oh look at that? Its back on??????

Sure im a moron and mess things up alot. I swear i checked all the tournies i was in along with even trying plo cash ring games AND play money and none worked. Was akin to having someone allin. just would say "you cannot chat right now"

So im full of speculation but ill wait for the email. I may even ask em to turn it back off. Ill just have to expect to provide more info for that tho. Likely a scanned fingerprint.

Edited by MicroMachina (14 February 2012 @ 19:37 GMT)

Since you like playing at that network why dont you play at Carbon which is more reputable?

are you having problems because you haven't made a deposit or are they just messing with you,because you are giving them some grief?

Yeah i finally got all in order fingers crossed checks in the mail. I was planning on taking advantage of a few of brm's offers and carbon was one of them for sure. Thats still the plan its just taken forever.

@teddy. I had to make a deposit. No allowance for not making a deposit if you want to use insta-bank. As most of you know they usually send a micro transfer from insta-debit to ur bank account and u use that amount to verify. Well Hero says they need you to make a deposit for the same reason. They assure you its the only way. All my attempts to ask if they could just manually enter the info is dismissed with the same "do this to get ur money, thank you for doing it". Never anything but.

When i used to play on Stars they never had this crap. I know for a fact i used prepaids to deposit and then i made two withdrawals into my bank account and no need for a deposit.

Anyways i just now got a reply from someone who was kind enough to give me a personal reply. They assured me my chat is fine... (i did apologize for the assumption, but it has dropped again since so maybe its my internet or something else) they also made the adjustment.

I swear its like they have 1 person who is reasonable in these places and the rest are just patience wearing drones. Maybe every ten emails they take you serious or something.

I also want people to know i appreciate you get more with honey then you do with vinegar but this has been mindblowing. I can follow directions somewhat and still they have new hoops to jump thru.

Boy i feel better already!!!!

I had a similar experience with my first withdrawal from Poker770 but once I had jumped through all the hoops and exchanged about 35 emails I did get paid and have not had a problem since. GL

Why you didn't use live chat, Micro ? Really bad experience. Did you ask to another player ? are they ever had problem like you ? another site of merge have live chat, I ever use it and so far so good.
Hope your problem clear as soon as possible. Smile

Thx Brooksie and Serpang!!!

I think im just over my 30th so only a few more to go lol Blink

They dont have live chat Serpang. Ive invited them to call my home, but they dont do that either.

I just dont understand why they dont all offer moneybookers..

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