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I like to play poker, and other games, but especially poker. It is very noce to enjoy the game, and we can speak with other players, but the problem is that there are a few player who need learn how to win and, very important, how to loose. Poker is only a game, you can loose with a very good hand, fe AA, may be you will win next time. Forme it is omportant to win, but it is absolutelly needed respect the other players on the table. You loose a hand, no worry, sile and you will wind next hands (or not) but you must apreciate fair play, and so you alwais enjoy that game. Thanks for everybody who reads that. It is only my opinion.

agreed I got no problem with bad beats hell its funny it happens its poker and I agree as far as testimonials go as this page is testimonial related Bless this site and all its free offers so much fun to pass the time Thank You BRM...

And we must respect to player in tilt also Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile cause he already lost a lot of MTT and s n g by bad beat. Blink Blink I remember any site watching our chat ( maybe Tongueoker time ) If we said something bad or impolite director tournament will block our chat. it's good but so many site ignore Sad

Sometimes no matter what you cant control yourself and say things you shouldnt
over a poker table.
I have done this a couple of times but they are players that i know from a private freeroll Smile

The best thing is to keep everything to yourself and have the chat closed

Nice reading.. I'll take it like an adivse Smile

So true siganara and I hope you receive a lot of results from others that read your thread. It's nice to win and as you state we like to win, but it's sad when someone loses a hand then starts calling you names. I generally never reply and act as if I have chat off. No reply is the best reply when this occurs.
There area a lot of players that get upset because they thibk your bluffing them then they call and are upset with you because you won the hand. I wish everyone would take yourv threrad to heart and acknowledge that to win one's respect is worth a lot more then winning a hand. Good Luck to All!

If you are in your early stage of online poker then the best thing for sure is to have the chat closed.
It has happened before seeing the chat of 2 others players and getting angry lol
You never know Smile.
So best to keep it closed

BankrollMob Forum » Testimonials » respect

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