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How Many Games of Poker Do You Play Each Week?

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Very interesting thread green. Though I didn't find an answer I could use. I play much less these days as I have yet to put any money online or found a decent free roll I had the patience to try & cash in. I still continue to play live, but only 3-4 times a week. I have several tournaments I prefer to play & don't play too many cash games as I don't feel comfortable playing in them with my current bankroll status. I was also a little confused. Did you mean how many games(cash games, tournaments per day) or how many forms of poker(badugi,seven stud, hold em,ect.) do you play per day? Just wondering. I must admit I have been playing mostly hold em, but most of the places I have been frequenting don't have a lot of other options.

I play several Poker games , depends how much time i have.
i have also other things to do. ( work , play Billard , watch tv , play Computer games , meet friends ).
Sometimes i play 15 per week . sometimes only 5.
Today i play only 1 Tournament - and i win it !!!!! Yeah !!!! Freeroll on kingdom of
P(J)oker Big Smile
Won 8 $.

my personal record is 6 Tournaments in one time. ( it is very hectic )

now I play 5-10 sng per day, but not every day..
in the past I played a lot, but then I have no time and left the poker..
some days ago started to play again, but no bankroll so only freerolls, free sng

I usually play around 5-7 mtts per day but often i play a couple of sngs on the side if the mtts are slow. If I'm not in the mood for mtts I open a couple of hyper turbo sngs to get a couple of hands fast and get my appetite going..considering the average hyper sng lasts around 15 min..6-9 tables in 2 hours of play = aprox 50 games.

A lot depends on the week, another quiet week game more or less the same amount as you, there are a couple of months ago I had a bad week for betting and ended up losing more than expected on a bad day, so I managed a bit this past month only played freerolls, but I intend to be back to normal play from next month Cool

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BankrollMob Forum » » How Many Games of Poker Do You Play?

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