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i had pocket J
i raised on a 0,50€ / 1€ ringtable

to 6€ the man on the button reraised me to 15€.. i called..

7d 7s 10h

he raised to 12,50€, i reraised to 30€ he called..

7d 7s 10h Jd

he checked, i raised 45€ he went all in with 190€, i called with 120€


me: JJ he: QQ

7d 7s 10h Jd Qs

UL hand.

Lucky for you, I assume you were correctly rolled to be in this game.

Just seems to me the river can save you or hurt you and yes, you were ahead at the turn, but he was ahead preflop. It was a good hand though player hit Q on the river. That's just the way it goes at times. Good Luck to All!

Hi,that is the beauty of online poker always s...t on the river ,this hand is great but when you have big pair and someone hit flush with 4th for flush on the river and he have A7 and that 7 is in right flush which you don't have of course,or on flop he have pait of 4 and on the river 3rd 4 shows up...... Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

had a session last night on plo and i lost 3 pots ...really nice one ... on the river 2 of them i've hit 4 of kind on the flop and in the 3rd on on the turn.... and the same guy hit bigger quads on the river 3 times... so yeah this is poker

river hates me Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Sad

Too much accident like that, and nobody can solve the problem. Really ? Who will give idea to solve it ?
go all in on turn is the best, I think, why you didn't ? make a trap to get bigger pot, of course ? or you worried he had pocket 7 ? if yes , you should fold when he go all in.And seems he still call your all in on turn Question Question Question

Mistake or bad luck ?

It really sucks but you can't do anything about it unfortunately...

The only thing you can do is to keep a good bankroll management and all these bad beats won't affect you that much Blink

lul...nice board Big Smile but yeah river very often make big revulsion...who had only few percent chance got hos/her "saver card" or river make big pots, everyones thinks they got what they wanted...sometimes and some networks before these miracle rivers have more seconds pause like normal case...especailly during showdowns when we know which cards good for the players... Smile

Yep the river story Smile
The card that i msotly lose on the river is Ace.
It appears most of the times when i get a caller with A crap.
Few days ago lost my buy in though with full aces from quad 3's on the river.

If there was a game that last dealt card was the turn i would make lots of money Smile

Better luck next time.

This is happening every day to thousands of players every second, the Bad beat phenomenon is just part of the poker game, try to accept it and play your A-game.

Who play live poker ? would you tell us , did you see like that very often, too ? River problem Sad .
I never play live poker, just saw video of WSOP and not often like on line. That is just casino trick to make us rebuy and buy in more and more Evil Evil Evil

Hi guys!

Really hard river. Nothing to say to the way you play the hand (maybe break something but nothing to say).
I don´t like nothing the move check/reraise in turn with overpair and that board.

What would you do if he would went all in on the flop?

Good question rv. I want to read the dontyouknow1 answer.

Mine. Without a good HUD (enough hands, you know) i sure fold. Both are deep enough for don´t play for boxes preflop with pocket jacks. I don´t like pay a 3bet-allin vs a unknown player except if both are in blinds.

fwiw regarding "it's always the river".

You were only ever ahead on one street... You were behind pre-flop, on the flop.. Ahead on the turn, then behind again on the river.

mind asking where have you played- if it's riverstars, then you should feel content that the site tries to prove it's name didn't come from the clouds- if you lost on other site- well then i guess the new poker network is beginning to form- River Suckout Group Worship

The River was not the problem, no matter on what site he played. Our hero was way behind preflop and on flop. And the villain made no doubt about that. Hero got lucky on turn and now blames the villain or the site because the villain got lucky on river?

i think everybody lost a lots of hands on the too...but the river can be unlucky many times in a row? Yes, for me can. I lost to many hands with a few outs for opponent and i am sick of them...anyway i won too on the river with a few outs i am not complaining that...but the balance is to much to loosing hands on river i learnt in the last months that if i can to not go to all in to not go, and after see the river to calculate if i can win or not, to not loose everything in one hand...but in freerolls nothing to say just are too many russian people which are playing only for all in festival, so there is gambling not poker Smile

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