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Full Tilt Poker Game #5762301759: $7,500 KO Guarantee (43160897), Table 10 - 10/20 - No Limit Hold'em - 9:05:59 ET - 2008/03/24
Seat 1: merchizio (2,010)
Seat 2: yacou68 (30)
Seat 3: kopfer (1,990)
Seat 4: wallydolly (3,610)
Seat 5: frankzander (2,420)
Seat 6: croady (1,980), is sitting out
Seat 7: TabOut1 (2,090)
Seat 8: miriam sutter (1,980)
Seat 9: IdEcIeVeYoU (1,920)
croady posts the small blind of 10
TabOut1 posts the big blind of 20
The button is in seat #5
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to TabOut1 [Td Jd]
miriam sutter folds
merchizio: sick
IdEcIeVeYoU folds
merchizio raises to 50
yacou68 folds
kopfer folds
wallydolly calls 50
frankzander calls 50
croady folds
TabOut1 calls 30
*** FLOP *** [9c 7d 4d]
TabOut1 checks
merchizio bets 120
wallydolly calls 120
frankzander calls 120
TabOut1 raises to 520
merchizio folds
wallydolly calls 400
frankzander folds
*** TURN *** [9c 7d 4d] King of spades
TabOut1 bets 1,520, and is all in
wallydolly calls 1,520
TabOut1 shows [Td Jd]
wallydolly shows [8c Kc]
*** RIVER *** [9c 7d 4d Ks] 5 of spades
TabOut1 shows King Jack high
wallydolly shows a pair of Kings
wallydolly wins the pot (4,530) with a pair of Kings
That fkin donk called absolutely nothing on flop

That sucks..He probably called because of the back door flush draw lol, only 5% chance to get a one..

the opponent was just a donkey who hasnt played the game a lot so next time go allin in flop so he cant call you Smile i onece called my friends allin in flop with J high and i had the best hand

lol that is pretty shitty but either way lol you went all in at that point with nothing so anything could of beat you even pocket ducks lol but that guy was a donk and did get lucky.. which always seems to happen

Very bad call by wallydolly on the flop...Nothing you can you about that..I hate playing aginst total donks, I rather play against tight players.

lol. Sorry man but i must say that in this hand U play as donk. Your check/raise on flop with just flush draw was terrible. If U wanted to win on bluff, could be raise more. And your allin on turn... Even he dont get the K he get your money on hign card. ofc he is Donk, but U dont better.

Wasn't that bad of a raise on flop, 2 overs plus flush draw but it is a freeroll and you have to expect a lot of donks to play with.

As u can see K.O $7.500 guarantee (24$) buy in. Not freeroll. I should just check turn and just called on flop. You right i donked too.

Looked like a freeroll, didn't notice $24 buy in.

Umm.. When I look back on this, I don't think its a terrible play by wallydolly.
400 to call into a pot of 1080, plus he has position and theres lots of scare cards he can bluff on turn. But check raise is a strong move and he should respect that so I don't know.

i dont think it was a donk call at all and if anything you did the stupid thing by raising all in with nothing hoping to hit

i agree. you were the stupid one, raising all in with nothing. you were hoping to hit, and when you didn't, you call HIM a donk. that's unskilled poker at it's finest. he had an overcard, and the flop wasn't a very scary one.

think about it.

what donkeys? this players pay you off evry nuts
you win money with them, what are you talking about
sometimes fishes want to eat and what just relax and wait another monster hand and they'll pay you...

=D lol

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