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When will be a good pokerstars bonus?
Cause i really wait for that. From my oppinion(not so specialist) , pokerstars is the best site of poker in activity, only Full Tilt could be equal to this site , but now is the only site where i can found so many varieties to play poker and have the most activities from all sites of i wait o good bonus there to be able to my country(Romania)...

What do you mean by good pokerstars bonus? If you ask for a no deposit bonus you need to find out that pokerstars will never offer no deposit bonuses on their platform(they used to do it).

They also don't offer rakeback deals since they have a VIP system Blink

i didnt meant to a non depositing bonus, which i know that pokerstars will never give it through nobody...I meant to a depositing bonus something like deposit 50$ and reveive another 50$, without making so many VPP, and earning 10$ rummy royal i deposited a few days ago 10 $ and i receved another 30$, and only i have to make 20 bonus points , which are not so many...
Thats what i meant

Don’t wait for that, Pokerstars don’t need to have good new players campaigns, they are the most crowded room on the net, and the one who involves more money from players. They will only need to find a good way to fight FT when it comes back, because we all know it will be in a massive way, with lots of promos, calling everyone to their tables, to reach top the fastest way possible. Pokerstars should be ready with good MTTs to go against this movement.

Well they have a deposit bonus from what i checked.
Now how many points you need to clear it is another story.
And if i remember right its not so far that they changed their points system so now its harder to get

Yes it is indeed harder to release the first deposit bonus in my opinion.
They changed the rake system at the beginning of this year from dealt to weighted contributed.
So its harder to make points in cash games if you are a tight player.

look dude take all the no deposit bonuses brm offer and be happy if you get them at all- use them wisely, make money and transfer to pokerstars/jokerstars, if you are not able to earn any cash then forget about it, what's the reason where you gonna get it- if you lose it Confused

Now i got what you mean, if you want such instant bonuses also try to deposit on 888 poker, i know if you make a 100 dollars deposit you get an instant cash bonus Blink

Still, you don't get raekback on 888 so every site has his pros and cons...

Pokerstars no need to accumulate new players with free money..because there is no competition for Pokerstars.You must put some money if you want to play on largest poker romm in the world.Rake back is to small if you play with 20$ bankroll you must put at least 100$ to rake back some money fromPS

I disagree here that they dont try to attract new players.
Who doesnt want the extra cash.
And they changed the rake system this year according to migo, so all this time till then it was easy to clear a no deposit bonus with the dealt system.
Not that they were missing out just they want more Smile

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