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Here is an about every member of the forum would write in their signature the username for every site their are playing at the moment (if it is a new site, they can write the site they mostly played at) and the type of game they play most often. I know there are a lot of poker blogs here (I myself have been reluctant to start one yet) but I believe that would give us some kind of insight as to the level of the player, his experience and so on.. If not in the signature, they could right it here in this topic.. I thought of this because I've seen a lot of players giving advises but really they don't know what the hell they are talking about (plus the fact that I've been sick of seeing topics like "what is a donk"and so on). I mean seriously, a lot of members post only for the sake of posting and getting brm points!! I haven't been active on the site for a while, and I have few posts just because I didn't see it necesarry to repeat what another has already said (like others seem to do), but that doesn't mean that I haven't been reading this forum..
I'll update my sig later...for now:
ID pokerstars: tomboogy (it is the only site that I play now).
mostly mtts and some sngs (very rarely cash NL10, but haven;t played for a long time so it is irrelevant)

fair play i agree with every thinkink u have to say
i have playd fulltillt has jacktree1
and jackoack tree poker stars
has u will be abel to see it is very irrelevant)

but i still am trying my best

Hmm, well I don't think anyone should have to post their details to "prove" their credibility. The advice they offer is either valid or not, and any good poker player will be able to discern if the information is useful or not.

I personally think I have nothing to prove, and while I do post for points, I take care not to post "me too posts" or other useless crap. A lot of the people here have been playing poker for a long time, and I respect what they say. The ones that don't contribute anything useful are easy enough to ignore.

The only reason I thought of this is because there are a lot of beginners here and I think that this would be helpful to them...kinda...because they can't really discern the good from the bad...

I can understand the sentiment but for serious players its a personal question.

I think some people list their SN's on their account info here at

I play under MicroMachina.

Maybe this idea wasn't such a good one after all...I understand what you're saying Micro, but I really don't see it as that of a big deal, and neither at first I didn't think it will be taken so personal by other players. After all, if I end u with you at the table I will search you and get your stats nonetheless ..

That is a great idea, but when will you start with topics concerning poker strategy or starting poker hands? That would be a start to discuss different strategies.

This topic wasn't meant for that. It isn't to discuss certain hands and strategies. For strategies you have books and for various hand scenarios and questions we have a special section in this forum. My goal with this topic was quite clear...and I have to add that the dezinterest shown by some members and the lack of will to learn by themselves pushed me away for some time from BRM.. And as I said..others just spew out advices just for the sake of it.

I understand what you're saying. Still listing usernames to verify the relevance of opinions is problematic. Personally its not hard to do what comes naturally and weigh the information given us by people wanting to help. Part of that very same process also helps make a better player anyways.

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