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poker table wont close on ps???  0   
hey all,

I play on pokerstars and have noticed this a few times.

after ya bust out or get moved in a MTT the empty table wont close.

I have to close the entire program and restart. even going into the task manager wont close the table.

anyone else have this problem??

If we move to another table, the table we played before automatic closed, but if we bust out the table didn't close, we have to close it by ourselves and no problem with lobby. Note : I didn't play there 3 days later. Since when you got the trouble ?

Hmm, sounds crazy. I never had such a problem so far. Is this problem new to you or did you have it before ? Maybe you should ask the support about it.

Had this problem few times also.
This must be some software mistake from PokerStars.
It's not possible to close the empty table without closing PS client.

Never happened to me. Perhaps you should try to re-install it all over again, it is not that big deal. Maybe first you can try to contact anyone from the room to see if they can tell you why does that happens. Once I had a similar problem in Party. I register to a tourney and the table opened 10 minutes before, I never moved anything there and then, when the game started, I wanted to play and it was automatically folding all my action. It was possible for me to chose “call” or “raise” options, but when it comes to my turn, it always fold. I talked to them, re-installed the software, and problems were solved.

Probably some bug like the one im having with cake poker.
While on tournament, you get in a pop up in the middle of the table
the announcement that blinds change and how much they are gonna be.
That stays there until next level unless i close the table and opened it up again.
Reinstall didnt help either.

i reported it to ps and they had me do a anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware checks on my pc. all of the programs sent to me by them. and uninstalled and re-installed.

it seems to only happen with empty tables. like when you bust out and/or when everyone gets move.

not a big deal but annoying when trying to multi-table.

after all the actions suggested and applied by ps. its still doing it. have just sent them a zip log file and some other program gathering tool called hijack this.

waiting on a reply from ps.

will keep you updated.

I've had this a few times too. Never figured it out so I'll keep an eye on this thread.

I had a weird one last night on Party at the start of a tourn. I kept getting sat out as soon as it was my play to make the hand would be folded, then when I clicked on 'I'm back', it would come to my play and I'd be sat out again with my cards in the muck. It happened with AQs UTG and I nearly drop kicked my pc. Big Smile All was well after a restart, thank god.

I've had that on pp too. i just open the tourney lobby, click the track me button above the players list.
find myself on the list. close the table and then double click my name in the player list. opening the new table.

it happens sometimes to me but i can close it whit the task manager but sometimes it don't work i know what you mean but i don't think its a big problem i had to restart sometimes too

Unfortunately i do not play tournaments or sng's on pokerstars but i can confirm that this never happend to me in a cash game...

I also wanted to suggest you that a antivirus software on your pc might have something to do with it.

dude I think it already went through this problem once or twice, but usually pretty empty tables automatically close can be a problem on your computer, reinstalling the program may solve, or else contact the support site they will say to you do Cool

damn good to hear from ya guys.

i have done all the anti-virus-spyware-malware programs and there suggested recommendations
All recommended from the email I received from pokerstars; after reporting the problem to them.
did uninstall and re-install too.

In the email I was told that they had never received this complaint before.

was just interested if anyone else had run into this situation. (glad i am not the only one)

after all the anti-s**t and the re-install. I still had the problem.

PS sent me another program. just to gather information for them.

forwarded that file and a log file from the pokerstars program. and at this moment waiting on another email from them...

keep ya posted.

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