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I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but here the past two weeks I've only placed in a couple of games. One thing I've noticed since joining Carbon is, there has been an increase by almost doublre the amount of players as to when I joined about 3 months ago. Since then I see players calling on all kinds of hands. Getting beat by 10, 6 - 7,6 and everyone chasing the flush. I'm open to suggestions because this has gotten really crazy.
Don't get me wrong! I don't lose more then $25 on any given week, but I used to place a lot more often then what I currently have. Whinning again and looking for some input.

We always have that day, yesterday I got it too. My AA lost to Q5s. Blind is 2k/4k. Villain sit at UTG 1 limp in. all fold come to me at button, raised 3BB to 12k, and villain called. Flop 3 Q Q. Villain check,my chips 15k left, so I go all in he call. showdown he show Q5s !!!! he called my 3BB raised ? should I go all in preflop? He had 60k before flop.

Important thing is our won more than our lost ! look MicroMachina record, his ITM 14% but he surplus ROI 94% ( I am not too sure, but very high).
Play at same buy in all the time is not good strategy, I think. We have to play at higher level at our lucky day or the day our instinct working well. Good luck next Green Smile

I've got the same Problem... I played on 888 Poker and no matter what I did I only lost...
I've lost 60% of my AA ... I Lost 70% of my bankroll till I finaly decided to cash out and change to Partypoker ...

when i play big pocket pairs; its a shove or more than a 3BB more like 5 or 6 pre-flop and if everyone or a lot of people are chasing straights or flushes..again I like to over bet the pot by alot. if ya limped into the pot you're screwed. always raise pre-flop. get the money in and the donkeys out. so on the flop ya gotta only worry about pocket pairs makin there trips. or straight and flush draws. again makem pay to see that next card.

depends of course on the situation. ur position, other players position and cards seen.

You have to understand the basics of variance, you can play mathwise perfect for a very long time and hit a very long downstrike, also the other way arround: play drama-donk and hit a turbo heater.
So or you dont play well and have to plug the leaks or you play ok and you have to go thru the miss variance bitch.
Also I had some time when hitting 3/2 and 1 outers in my face, was close in thinking poker is rigged, but truth was i really had a tiny downswing of variance.
You have to go thru this and just keep on going to play the A game, nobody can predict how long the ride will be but it will end for sure, so put in the volume and hit the bitch.

Green in those micros try opening up your range a bit and then rely on your skill to fold second best hand.

Also like mentioned above playing right doesnt equate to short time gains all the time. Mental fortitude is the biggest road block players face when they encounter bad beats. Just a bit ago i was already expecting to lose most hands regardless of how i played them and as a result i was light betting and letting in weaker hands to draw.

well maybe it's just a bad streak, fact is that your game hasn't changed. as far as the idiots starting to surround you- well in theory they are called "fish" so you should be happy when you find such a fishy place Big Smile but in practice those fish just do not want to be eaten Worship it seems like you know what you're doing, so just keep the faith, or look for leaks in your game, analyze how do you lose most often, why...and try to cut out those episodes from your game

I cant get anything at micros lately too.
My bankroll at chili poker is down to 4$ from the 20 i deposited for the gift offer.
I cant hit a single thing, and the frustration is to see the regulars win every single day.

If i only had one day like them i would be very happy Smile

It's really hard to say what are you doing wrong, if possible record one of your sessions and we could definately see whats wrong in your game Blink

On micros the general rule is that you need to have a solid game and money will come Smile

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