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As some of you know i qualified for the Sunday Golden Apples match today. I recorded the whole game, which only lasted around 1hr 15 mins. I will be uploading the first hour later tonight as it takes a bit of time to render and uses up most the pc's resources while it renders.

Here is how it ended for me. The commentary may be spotty at times because i edited out my poker maximus hands. Thanks to the people who wished me luck Smile

Really nice winning, congratz. Look like if you serious and want to win you will be win, Micro Big Smile Big Smile
But 1st hour more interesting for me to learn, so I am waiting for that. Play pocket 9s twice and win, got trips, lol. Me ? many time lost to better pair with Q9, K10 and any trouble maker hand Big Smile Big Smile

LOL so true. the first guy called me a 9 Machine after the game ended. Hey i never said i wasn't a lucky guy sometimes.

Yes i will be uploading the first part of the video later tonight along with a "fast fifty" mtt in which i ran deep.

I dunno why ive been so lucky so far in mtt play. I like to think its about attitude. If you adopt the attitude you are never out of it so long as you have 1 chip and a chair then your already a winner compared to if you were to just shove any two after a bad beat. Mostly i never set big goals for myself. I came here a long time ago to get some offers and returned when i saw the brm freerolls. I had some time off over the winter and thought id just play some poker. When i made my blog and was directed to the merge network by Jibberish (praise be to him) and saw the freerolls paid cash instead of tickets i figured it was just a matter of time.

Being lucky is one thing, maximizing the amount of chips you get when you hit is another... Blink

Congratulations MicroMachina Big Smile

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