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before anyone shouts at me - I know there is a 'mob safe' thread but it told me to start a new one so here it is!

Just a suggestion really for all mob games - why not give tourney tickets as prizes - this might encourage more members to use certain sites and is also good for members to get the chance to play new tourneys they either can't afford or don't usually play.

any other mobsters agree?

I agree, indeed I think the whole way to encourage players to meet new sites would be nice, however I think this option would be complicated because not all members have an account on several websites, I'm satisfied with the mob games offered, but it is clear that new options when it comes to add Cool

not everyone plays tournaments and people dont have active accounts on many sites.
now you get mobpoints, withdraw into moneybookers -> deposit into your site and play whatever you want to play Thumbs Up

I guess there is a reason for min withdraw, and this would open a backdoor, business is business.
Also as SuperNoob says, reed above.
Last, I do see your point and do think there is an option for this, via advertisers here, so don't get me wrong its a good suggestion.
Whiles we are at it, I think the mob draw could have an extra prize, a freeroll perhaps, for those who open all door for say 25 days, or 25 bonus MobSafe shots.

Always nice to see improvement suggestions. Thumbs Up

It would be difficult for BRM to implement this since there would need to be a mutual agreement with the site for such a program. Not that I know the insights to establishing this type of agreement, but it's different then how bankrolls are set up with sites that BRM support.

Plus, at least with the way it is anyone (almost) can cash their Mobpoints in and use the return ($$) towards any site you want or use the $$ for what you want. By no means am I condemning , but like mentioned above, there's a lot of sites that some of us can't even play in. Maybe if there was an option to two (2) or three (3) items that BRM could offer it would go over well.

Supernoob gave you the best example, there are many players that only play cash games or even other games like omaha or horse or draw...

If you get mob points you can simply use them to play what you want from any poker site that you want Blink

i think that mobpoints is a great gift- you basically get the cash- and it's up to you how are you going to spend them- what's the point of taking part in a lottery for a million if you get your million in lottery tickets for the upcoming two million lottery...i think the current system is fine Thumbs Up

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