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"The LGA Enforcement Unit issued sanctions against Everleaf Gaming Ltd following an investigation which emerged with a number of irregularities in their operation. Everleaf Gaming is being monitored closely to ensure its operation respects Maltese law."

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looks like sinking ship, take out your money before its too late

Other interesting news FTP has a second investor, if GBT fail, looks like a simple 30-35mill bid for software and database...yep that means screw you guys no $, can't link sorry.

Back OT, I think this is due to not fully paying back the US after pulling out, but the LGA has not yet removed the license so I guess they are trying hard to re-pay, or ignore, hopefully they won't pull a FT style operation and payments are made, the poker world is getting hit hard.

Posted by B1gfoot:
Other interesting news FTP has a second investor, if GBT fail, looks like a simple 30-35mill bid for software and database...yep that means screw you guys no $, can't link sorry.

from what i read they are paying 30-35 mil only for the software, they were interested in player database too but had to rule out because of legal issues
and fulltilt rep has denied this rumor too

Glad to here that, and I don't think the DOJ would allow it without payment to customers either, but it does show people still have interest, there for value in FTP, lets just sit on crossed fingers.

Is this like the bad news on the bad news for like a year now?
FT opening and not getting our money?
(who would play there if they were reopening without paying back the players?)

Who said it was due to open this month? Smile

What I don't understand about sites that get black balled is why? Is it greed or stupidity? I mean poker (electronic) has to be a good investment which seems would have to make a profit after a few months and an established player base. Why can't the site owners / managers / investors abide by the regulations set by their representing country and continue to grow.

I guess I'm not smart enough or know enough to understand how an established site goes broke or gets shutdown for money scandals, be it laundering, embezelment, tax evation..................

Would Like to understand their business ethics! Sorry about the post!

I only had 5 dollars that i got from bankrollmob on poker dukes on everleaf, so i think i'm okay Big Smile

As for full tilt poker i always asked myself why not pokerstars(i mean the company that owns it) doesn't buy the site? I think a site with all full tilt's options and pokerstars like support would rock Smile

and the story goes...what the hell is happening Confused are there any safe online sites left to play Confused i just lost the interest in shipping cash to any online gambling site on any kind- the best thing imho is to go for free bankrolls, freerolls, no deposit bonuses etc. and biuld your bankroll from there- at least if site goes bust you will not feel too bad Big Smile

Why Pokerstars should be interested in FT?
There is no reason for it especially if they need to repay the players since the majority of FT
players are now playing at PS.
And many of them probably they were playing both.
So the profit from such a move would be minus IMHO Smile

There are many players out there that want to change the platform(pokerstars) because of the bad beats they get...

The same people also want a big platform to play plus you need to remember that the majority consider that ftp had the best poker software out there Blink

I keep my funds (semi) low on any site i play, keeping my roll on moneybookers which is (imo) safe.
Online poker is on the run and nobody knows where is running to.
Maybe i am too negativ but just my feelings.

I never heard about Everleaf...
And FT is a neverending nightmare story. Second investor or not, to much time are gone to believe that they comeback.

Can somebody tell me wich poker rooms are using software from everleaf because only that name ahaha sounds you will never leave .......and your money Big Smile so i am prepared to take all out my cash and keep the bankrolls low or take all out

i already found some off them i dont have accounts there so no risk for me

Edited by issi1976 (11 March 2012 @ 14:27 GMT)

everleaf are a small site that run giveaway sitngos and freerolls often on a site called everest poker, I dont like it tho the graphics hurt my eyes.

Are you sure that Everest Poker is an Everleaf skin?
Cause i think its an independent site.
I checked google also and couldnt find anything about that.

There is the Everleaf Network and there is also a poker site called Everleaf.

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