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Ok after reading the last thread on pokerstars rivers i decided to post this hand i just this minute lost to ....... ONE OUTERED ON THE RIVER lol lol .....
not a fun game as had one major donkey on table making things a night mare eg called all in after one raise another reraise all in and he calls with 10,J ??? othe two had A,K and A,Q .. flop j,j .... then he limps calls two all in with k,5 v 7,7 and A,10 ... flop K .... then limps 10,Q suited lad goes all in he calls ... lad a,8 ... and he rivers a flush .... he then looses some after better hands finally hit .... but i was getting nowhere and running out of chips ... until he doubles me when i push 9,9 ... finally i short again and short stack pushes i had K,10 so reraise all in and he calls j,7 and i hit k,10 triple up and dump him out of game .... gave my own bad beat then ... lad pushes all in on sb on me in bb i K,Q instant call he turns over Q,Q and i flop a K ...... and then this ... i raise lad reraise all in i call ... feeling very happy with the flop .... ready to celebrate when the turn comes as i see my odds soooooo good his are crap and then river grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Poker is a sick game ... but being playing a good few sng over the weekend and had many sick beats eg flopped set of 3s(3,k,5) lad bet i reraise he call turn 5 for full house ... lad bet i reraise he push all in ... id be very unlucky to be behind and insta call he turn over K,Q im looking soooooooooooo good .... river 5 now im so sickkkkkkkkkkk ... got knocked out of quite a few sngs with hands like this ... but i have also beaten better hands with my bad hands when i have had to shove due to low stack.
so its be even itself out ... frustrating but sure thats poker ....

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I was in a game earlier today at Bodog, had 44 against QQ. By the way the hand was going I had no reason to believe that he had a better hand because of the way he was playing. Turn comes up no good to me or him, but I big bet it anyway, guy pushes me all in. That's when we see each others cards. River card is a 4 for the house. So even I with the not so great hand, beats the best hand....

I was watching a lot of Poker videos last week on youtube, and it hit me how many amazing "bad beats" and other stuff happens in this game.
And this is Live!

So anytime I get the kind of hits you just mentioned, I think about some of those hands you see on the net. Where 1 card on the River makes the difference for 100K or a hell of a lot more. Crazy stuff.
It's like you say...that's Poker. Blink

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