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Live support is back  0   
i just noticed BRM has again started offering live support to its members.
i remember many members complaining about the lack of live support here.
big Thumbs Up for the team to get it back, hopefully it will be a permanent feature.

p.s.- for those who dont know, you can access live support from top left. green mobster icon with "Live support" written besides it

It's only for a test period. If it turns out that people are using it because they are too lazy, then we'll have to close it down for good, because it takes a lot of resources to keep it active.

Darn you beat me to it SuperNoob, I was just about to make a thread about the little green dude. Oh well. I was also about to click on it just to say, "Hi" to whoever's managing it, lol. Good thing I didn't. Here's to the responsible use of live chat!

The live support is a verry nice service for the members. But i think it is to much work in the future for the bmob support. And the mailsupport here is allready ok.

That's weird! My mobster icon is "red" not "green" but I get your point! I also believe this is another pro advantage for BRM members. Good Luck All!

I saw that green little man at some point too, a little late thought cause, just a couple of minutes
before i sent an email about a question i have so didnt want to load them Smile
But it will be nice to have it back in regular basis.
New members will always find it a plus and it dont have to be long hours.
2-3 hrs per day will be just great
Thumbs Up

I also noticed yesterday, during the afternoon. I can’t remember when it was the last time I have seen that icon painted in green, but it sure must have been a long long time ago. I agree with SuperNoob, it is positive to have someone to talk to immediately when having a problem. Most problems must be about difficulties in getting deposits, that is the service that BRM offers us. About the rest, can’t see much more things to talk about with someone from the support service. But we never know. This way, having a question, we can always put it live.

I always thought that a live support is far better than an email support, unfortunately as admin said it's really expensive to have an live chat...

Lets hope our members won't abbuse it and we'll also have this easy way of communication in future too Smile

Just out of curiousity, who's on the other end of that live support I wonder? Is it Admin? Or is it the new fella that you guys were talking about hiring? In either case, they should pop in and say hello. If it turns out to be problematic to maintain the live support they could have a thread like High Pulse did. That was usefull.

Posted by Arithmajik:
Just out of curiousity, who's on the other end of that live support I wonder? Is it Admin?

It's "sirthomas", who sometimes writes in the forum. We didn't hire a new guy yet.

Just plain curiosity. The little man turns green when chat is live but some times
i have noticed its green with a little black clock on it.
Whats the difference?

PS. I remembered a news bloopers when i was writing this Smile if i can find it again i will post it lol

Well then, thanks to SirThomas, we all appreciate live support.

I remember that i actually saw some of his posts and it's nice to know who is behind the screen on support Smile

So far i didn't need to use the live support but as always live>>>email Blink

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