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THIRD time to win BRM freeroll :) :)  0   
on FIIIYYYAAAA..loving it..another four hour game where my @ss goes numb, 5 min break every hour just doesnt cut it for circulation lol..but I took first again..props to the final table and everyone else..played a hell of a game..had myself a few close calls..but prevailed Smile

I tend to post before the stats get updated..
sweetness.. I hope i can keep it up
i like my name on the front page of the leaderboards
crawled up from the nosebleeds..

Congrats again, slap_nuts666!!

Three times wining a freeroll... nice. Next step is to win five. I think you can do it in the weekend, lol.
Maybe is time to try the Sunday, mate.

Why open another thread keep it to the one u opened earlier, or many will become annoyed seeing this to often

So young in here and with so good results! Congrats!!! You really deserve that place, you are fighting for it for real, that should be the spirit, maybe that’s my lack on those games, when after 1h30 things tend to get dark on my side. Maybe I am not aiming for the right objective, maybe am cutting on the attention I should give to it, maybe next time I will do better.

@ Chartoule- ty..I'm trying for as many as i can..1st on the leader board would be sweet..but truth be told..I'm just happy i made the list llol it could happen We'll point talking sh1t lol as for the Sunday $200..I never get invited..always try to join lol but..never allowed in lol how does that work anyway? i would love to play

@ simon6- thank your for the advice, I'll keep that in mind

@ fakiry- yeah i hear ya.. I'm sure you will do better..with several chances everyday..once you find your zone keep it up

Grats to you. Very good jobs. Its not easy to win one of them, but winning three is really great.
Regarding the $200 freeroll: I guess you are talking of Party Poker freeroll right ?
To participate in this you have to create your Party account through the link of BRM, so that it is tracked to BRM.

well done did one last night. had pocket queens, two players raised all in, thinking i'm waaay ahead i called, both showed ace rags!!!! nd hit styraight on riv, was lyk " why all in lyk tht." was peed lyks

Maybe i'll do better tonight.

It seems you are in the right track there.
You will need a few more results like that in order to get to the top of the leaderboard.
Get ready for more numbness since you will need to play most of the games each day.

Amazing run, i actually search your username on the leaderboards and indeeed you played the freerolls from party poker Smile

It's been a while since i last played on party maybe i'll jump in for a brm freeroll later Blink

This is unholy-please tell us your trick. Blink No- congratz for your good playing. To win three times in a freeroll is verry strong.

Congratulations slap_nuts!

Keep going, try to get first play of leaderboard, then you're gonna get a nice reward Big Smile

Good luck and keep busting those donks Blink

well done sir although i was more impressed when i thought it was the stars one.... party poker i dont personally play as im not the biggest fan of the site for some reasons... but well done none the less imo any first in MTT or sng is not only a nice feeling but a sign of a good player (esspecially three)
but yes if it was stars would be way more impressive as i have yet to take first taken second and third a few times and final tabled a few more but yet to take down the infamous pokstars leaderboard tourny first place spot. Thumbs Up

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