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I told once that I will never play big fields MTTs because I always feel sick after running deep in them.
Just finished playing in ''The Big'' 3.30$ on Stars. 2700 people played and first place was around 1300$ With 14 ppl left I was in 5th position but then maniac was transfered to my table and I got reraised few times on my atempt to steal blinds plus one hand went wrong and it made strong negative effect on my stack. However, I ended up on final table just to be out in 9th place (maniac had AA ofc) Sad
Huge 67$ on my account Shock I wish I could viritually burn that money or piss on it!
1300$ first place you manage to be 9th of 2700 ppl playing 8 hours to get fucking 67$! F**K! That is 4 buy ins on myHU limits! God deam!

First congrats to the ninth place in such a big tournament. It is a great disapointment that you just receive 67 dollars but that is normal on MTT´s so keep on working and some day you will be on the winning end of the tournament, your ninth place showed that you have the skills to win such a tournament. And maybe you shouldn´t try to steal blinds from such a maniac and bigger stack Blink

1 time......................

Anyway, life of a poker player is hard.
See it this way, next year your playing same field with $30 buyin, 9th place makes you $650, but maybe next year with 1% more luck you make first place $13000.

Then 2years later......
3Years later.....

Its a learning curve mate, after 1 year you laugh about this $65 cash, problably you cant even remember it, allways keep playing A-game, never tilt, keep commitment and maybe your the new .....
But only with heart....... commitment......

Hi guys!!

Some paid structures in MTTs are demencial. 2000 players and 67$ for do final table is just or not to play more MMTs of this kind. Play during hours for just 20 buys is really sad.

seems like too much effort for so little reward Confused but congrats on getting to the final table jovi Worship that in itself is an achievement and next time hopefully you'll take it down

i feel your pain

Life of a MTT player is hard, down/breakeven-swings of months can happen, even a years.
Also the other way, be that big heater and your millionaire.

Want a steady income (you must be a winning player that is Tongue but i know jovi is) play cash or sng.
But i dont have to explain too jovi he knows allready.

Yes, Jovi. Disappointment. But poker world just like that = especially MTT, liar. Almost similar buy lottery to win 1st place ( look WSOP winner, how many times top player win? ). Don't hurt too much.
Anyway, with $3.3 got $ 67 is very good even 'work hard ' 8 hours.
Good luck next time

I also know the feeling but if you want to win big you neen to play them... but of course finishing last in the final table is just not very nice... it just piss you off... long hours for such small

One of the main reasons for which i do not play tournaments is this one, especially online mtts...

The variance on mtt is huge thats why it's recommended to have at least 100 bi for the limit you are playing.

It sounds every time the same, this pokerroom is so rigged. It seems that they have a donk protection software. It is unbelievable, but in every hand three players have monster pockets and see a drawing board.

You have high expectations of yourself which is good by all means, but sometimes just placing in the money is acceptable. I always knew you were the type who's hard on themselves when thinking you should have performed better, but there's a lot of players that would be greatful to place 9th in a field that size. Accept the fact that you played well and averaged about $8.00 an hour which is more then minimum here in the U.S. Personally I think it's good playing to hang tuff that long. Hope this reply is taken with good intentions.

Great finish Jovica, but I know you can't help but feel disappointed when first place would have made a big difference for you. Main thing after something like that is to avoid tilt in your other games. You seem to be coming out of your HU slump on PokerStars, so try to look at things in a good light. IMO final table in a field that deep is very impressive. Thumbs Up

Definitely you did a good job Jovi. Nineth place in such a huge field is pretty darned impressive. And hey I'm sure we can all relate to feeling under appreciated for the effort we put in. Just win the next one and you'll forget all about it.

sometimessome people always have the "cards" , i know its soo much frustrating but well its real Smile

gratz on your winnings , keep the good work Smile

Congrats on your winnings and don't worry , one day you'll crack a big tournament and this will just seem like a funny moment Tongue.
P.S. with 69 $ you have about 20 buy-ins to the same tournament Smile) , so maybe with 20 attempts you cand win it Smile

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