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2 days 2 wins on Yatching poker :)  0   
hi there all

i think no big deal but i won the same tournament two days in a row and want to share it with my mobsters Smile

it's a freeroll , which gives 3.2€ tickets to an evening tournament , i was 7th on yesterday's , wish i'll win some today , 4-5 places paid

gl on the tables Smile

and there's some breaking points of today's tourney

Congrats vasselmob!!! Yatching Poker, the site with the most easy freerolls ever. The ones who gives money. I don´t play the satellites, i chose play the buy-in with the freeroll money.

Congrats again and good luck with the 'main' event!!!!

Big congratulations sir, smaller sites are simply great for building a bankroll out of scratch so keep up the good work!

Just one question: This site is part of what poker network??

ty Smile well i don't know exactly what network it is but it's my second best poker software after pokerstars , smooth and fast (y)

out 13th , cannot resist AA with AQ Smile wish there were no rebuys and addons but there were Big Smile

looking for yesterday's ticket freeroll Big Smile

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Gratz for the winning! I´ve won over 40€ in my first 30 days there with freerolls. I like this room and hope that they get more traffic. They have a own software and they are not a part of a network and the software is ok.

Never played on Yacht poker and don't know that I can since I'm a U.S. citizen. Based on the replies it might be worth checking into. I rarely play the freerolls, but worth checking out a few times.

Anyway congrats on your wins and hope you continue to do well!

will join this site too Smile

Yeah as the others said congratulations. An don't short sell your win. Sure it's not the biggest prize but if you have the patience to wade through clouds and place semi consistantly then you'll have the potential to build a bankroll and play for bigger wins. It's all experience, enjoy.

Congratulations platform means that players have a lot of fish.
In one hand I see that you had luck to 8 on the river.
I think I'll try this poker platform. have a deposit bonus?
I am interested because if it is advantageous not see why not try a $ 10. Traffic has, MTT, SNG or weak?

Good luck at the tables!

Congratulations for your 2 wins. I has planned to also play on Yachting poker but didn´t find any review to look if it is good or not but with your good replies i think it is worth to check Yachting poker with the BRM offer.

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