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Fulltilt poker viruss?!  0   
Wanted to play some poker and needed to update a fulltilt software, and boom my antivirus poped up and find a virus there Smile i don`t know if it is realy a virus or just unknown file for my antivirus. Did some one found some thing like that ? so there is link to screenshot
Just emailed to fulltilt support that, + founded something in google about this viruss TR/Crypt.CFI.Gen is about 35% of 100% dangerous to yout PC and i think it`s alot... hmm interesting

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Was this the frist time you down loaded Full Tilt or was it a update from full tilt ?

In most cases, if the software updates on its own, meaning that it updated automatically and not redirected to other websites then it might be just a flase alarm. BTW what antivirus do you have?

When I try to sign in it said I need a update that was 2-3 min ago.

Zon no i`m registered there long time ago and it was update from full tilt
im2good4u i use antivirus called a "Avira Antivir" realy good antivirus
it`s first time when it show`s alert when updating a full tilt sowftware...

im using AVG anti virus, you can try it as it's free, whats more is that it doesn't consume too much system resources unlike norton or mcafee, try it and see if it triggers. mine doesn't. if it still triggers an alarm then theres something wrong

hmm i kinda don`t like AVG software, but i will download and try, btw Avira anti virus take recources ~like AVG
hmm AVG didn`t find anything... but Avira is steel alerting me, don`t know what to do, how good is AVG, and why one antivirus alerting me that it`s virus but AVG not... but anyway, i have to play there so, i don`t care if it is virus or no`t Big Smile
hmm i just went smoke and thinking, this is good way to get viruses into your PC`s, u know, if u don`t update your poker clien`t u can`t play there anymore, so u have to update it and take new files what are poker site giveing to you Big Smile it`s just for fun but interesting fact

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something like that happens to me too, but i didn't get that far...
i use nod32 antivirus and tried to download cdpoker application from a link sent to me in e-mail with initial registration... than it went crazy... amon, imon..they all sent warnings, but i turned nod32 off than

and than i tried again, but application could not be saved because the file source could not be read Aww crap! ...
i tried again and again and.... Thumbs Down

help someone.... Question


Calm down guys its not Full Tilt its trojan alright but it has nothing to do with FTP.

How you got it choose from examples on the page.

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