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I just want to thank everybody who made the Unibet-Bankrollmob Leaderboard possible.
By the way, are or will there be any negotiations about free no deposit bankrolls on Unibet?

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Unibet and 888 are the only 2 online casino/poker/games/bet sites i play at the moment mostly for the live casino but i will bet a small amount on other games for fun sometimes 2

i must say at Unibet there are almost no bonusses, no reload bonus or anything
Only sometimes they give 20% extra (bonus) on casino games (not live of course)
Unibet looks very crisp and is nice to use you can switch your money between all wallets
poker,bingo,casino,live casino,sportbets so thats a big plus.
I think there will never come a NDB from Unibet...first of all because they use the wallet where you can switch your money at any point so that will be a problem when you get for example a NDB for Unibet poker .... and their just not that into bonusses at Unibet i learned.
They dont even have a casino comp point system at Unibet..
Appart from all that ...maybe you dont give a %[email protected]# about bonusmoney then Unibet is 1 of the greatest casino/poker/sportbet/bingo envirements
Still i played there a lot in the past and i cant say i feel great about their winchances on non live games...but maybe i have just been unlucky A LOT there at those games

I personally think 888 is better maybe not at first sight to most people but...
The look of the lobby seems much less crisp as do the slots and games BUT!!
You can win there BIG even on slots...their games seem mostly fair to me
Few days ago i had abot 300 euro on my account went to the Adventures in Orbit slot
90% of my play is live casino but this time i felt to play some slots for fun
I placed 1,25 bets won a bit ...then 2,50 bets mixed with 6,25 when i got to 500
Then i got the bonus on 6,25 bet with 3 in a row and got about 150 bonus.
The bonus on this slot is great btw with 6 stages and very funny and exiting for slot players.
2 bets later i got 3 scatters so 10 free spins but i lowered my bet to 2,50 again before that
In the free spins i got 4 bonus signs in a row
That means 1 time the bonusgame for the 3 in a row and 1 for the 4 in a row so 2 bonusgames
Well first bonusgame i got to the 2nd stage and not that much $
Second bonusgame was for much more points because it was 4 in a row
I went all the way to stage 6 and there where 4 doors to the spaceship and i already had 1600 coins from the first 5 stages.Only 1 door and i never thought i would hit it but i did
6000 coins extra for that 1.So after the free spins (bonusgames included) i had about 850 euro's more on top of my bankroll.
After that played on the Blonde Legend (Marilyn Monroe) and again won about that amount
So about 1600 euro profit on 2 online slots ...never happened to me before on online slots this much.Also played some automated BJ for fun (because its fast) only small bets and won another 400 euro.. this is not the first time i won there on slots between live casino play..
So 888 casino thumps up i think.

Again play a lot at Unibet 2 because of the wallets but i must say (again) Unibet seems to almost never let you in on games or slots...and i played enough of them to say this.

The bonusses on 888 are much better.You can get a bonus on every deposit (if you want)
Just go to the chat when you about to make your deposit and they will always give you free spins or bonusmoney.You can even negociate with them about it....And its easy to clear there i think. They have a lot of promotions there 2
You get emails often about possible bonusses and more instead of Unibet u only get a newsletter or some Unibet poker mail about nothing
On 888 they do have a point system 2 so thats a plus for me
Only thing you cant switch between wallets on 888 thats a pitty

The payments on both sites are very good and fast

I think both sites are very good but i would go for 888 even if it doesnt look as crisp as Unibet
You get much more bonusmoney,free spins, comps and in my experience the winchances are bigger for games and slots on 888 . If you almost only play live they are both great

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Everyone is enjoying this and i never got there anymore since i stopped having my daily four hours per day to relax in front of the PC. I have got to go see if I still have my login and password from 888, you guys are creating me an appetite for playing there….

Yeah, that are great news with the new unibet leaderboard freeroll series in april here. I like the microgaming network and unibet is a part of them. Ty to bmob, another great deal!

i doubt they'll ever bring free no deposit bonus on unibet. just like the guy above said; they dont give many bonuses anyways.

always nice to see additions to leaderboard- hope this trend will continue. as far as unibet goes- a decent site, played more often quite a long time ago, so not up to what's happening over there at the moment, i think i will have a see what's on offer. thanks brm for everything they are doing Big Smile Worship

hello, can you help me please, I woud like to change language on unibet from english to croatian, but I cant find the way, is it posible

I actually got a No Deposit bonus at Unibet through eh! " Your Poker cash" i think thats what it was called. Thumbs Up

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