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How do you get past all the donk moves? I cant seem to hit so i fold, but when i do, im usually all in before the river to protect my hand. Most of the time the river is what saves the opposing player. for example:

ive got 1000chips
opposing player 6000chips

hand delt to me KQ suited of spades
hand delt to opposing player A Heart 9 Diamond

flop 5 K 2 rainbow. turn 7. I push he calls. river A.
What can i do to improve my game?
This seems to be happening quite often.

Yesterday for example and this is real money .10/.25 6ppl MAX (with 64$ sitting at table)
Im big blind, i am delt 9 Club J Club
Mid position raises 1.00 A Diamond 10 Heart
I called .75cents.

FLOP: J Spade J Heart Q Club
I raise 3.00$ he reraise me 6$, i call.
TURN: 4 Heart
At this point i raised hard, with 12$ bet. And he pushes all in. I call.
RIVER: K Spade

This was not the first time this has happend to me before. This actually happens quite frequently to me. And i doubt its variance, or bad luck. I think its my bad play. Should i have folded my J 9? I cant stand losing my bankroll to fish like this Sad

Currently taking a 2 week break from real money play. only playing LEADERBOARD tournaments.

Any advice would be appriciated and thank-you in advance.

"Should i have folded my J 9? I cant stand losing my bankroll to fish like this Sad"
In this situation you were just unlucky , and the opposing player just made a donk call and managed to win , I think you were just unlucky , even with t he K Q , I'm also playing Bankroll freerolls , and in the first hour , it's pretty much a game of bingo , I usually play very tight , sometimes I get donked out , for example had AA , donk has 4 8 , goes all in pre flop , of course I call , and he hits a straight , the point is I play tight the first hour , that's how long it takes for the donks to calm down , get the all in rage out of their system , I managed to win first place , and second place twice , in 3 weeks , I'm second in the leaderboard, so I guess my strategy kind of works for me.

In the early time of a freeroll i fols the most card and play only with AA, KK & AK suited. In the first levels you have in any hand 3-4 other players. The better way is to wait and see the donks gos busto.

It didnt work guys. I got some pretty decent hands at the start, and was able to get my chip stack to 7900. At this time i was delt pocket Kings so i raised 500, and had two callers. this was when blindes were 75 - 150.

flop comes 8 Club 4 Spade 7 Diamond
Person ahead of me checks, i check, Donk raises to all in 2800 chips.
Player ahead calls and is all in, I call.
Donk turns over 8 Spade 3 Spade (calling 500 preflop with 8 3)
Player ahead of me has pocket Jacks.
TURN: 2 Spade
RIVER: 7 Spade

drops me down to little under 5k. Next hand right away AK of diamonds delt to me. Donkey is first to act and raises all in preflop 7900chips. Everyone folds around the table, I call. He has AA and obv wins. Where is the veriance in this?? And ofc the donkey laughs and calls me an idiot. There needs to be a different way to go about doing this. I have yet to figure it out.

So today thus far, no Leaderboard wins. Will try again tmrw.

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