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Hi all. I have a question that has been bugging me for sometime and wonder if you can help........

I play regularly on PS and on PP. Now I tend to play the same way in every tournament I play but my results differ from each Website.

I play in the 100K freerolls on PS and other tourneys such as Bankrollmob freerolls and some low buy-in tourneys on both sites...........

My point is that I can quite regularly finish in the top 100 in the 100K freerolls and have finished 3rd once. I play in the BRM freeeroll on PS and find it hard to finish in the top 1000, but on PP I have only played a couple of times (5 or 6) and have finished in the money twice.

When I play in low level cash games I tend to win more at PS than I do on PP.

Please help can this be described as variance or is it that we just get used to playing on different sites?

Thanks for your help - all comments are gratefully accepted.................

GL to you all.............................

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Do you tend to build a big stack early when playing on PS - because word on the street...

Well, every Hand on every Table is dealt different. There maybe sit 8 players, there 9. Shuffeling may be different, so i think it´s normal. No kind of variance, just like you said: 2 different Sites.
Don´t think you ever have same Hands anywhere? Blink

Posted by jessthehuman:
Do you tend to build a big stack early when playing on PS - because word on the street...

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Hi MarcWinz.

I thnik your chase is normal and if you play enough of that freerolls your results must be similar in the two sites. The little discrepant in the results can be by the different structures.

When I used to play at FT and at PS I always thought I fared better on FT then PS, but now that I'm limited to basically one site it's hard to evaluate any difference between two sites. I'm not saying that one site treats / offers better opportunity either. I actually wonder if it was a mental issue on my part. Thinking I'm doing better on one site versus another, but actually playing different without even recognizing that I was playing a little different. Don't know if you can understand what I mean and it's hard to actually put in descriptive words. Just pay close attention to your methods / techniques and see if you might play one site differently then the other just because your thinking there's a difference. Sorry if it's confusing!

I highly doubt there's site variance in terms of the way the cards are hitting etc.

However, I find I prefer certain sites to others in terms of layout and interface. 888 is a great site to use, I find PS for all the advertising and money they must make, the table layout isn't that great, looks mid 90's style lol.

That is very common, I have the same problem but, curiously, is the opposite from you. Things tend to run better for me at PS than at PP. At PP, tourneys and freerolls go fine, but about low buy-in SnG… forget it. At PS I can’t say they pay my house rent (not even in a million years, winning average $0.13 per month Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile ) but things run better.

Thanks for all your comments and I guess you are all right a little bit. I think that I may play slightly differently at the sites, I will try to get the best from both and make the complete player.

GL to you all.......................

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There are different time limits and payout structure between 100k and brm freerolls. And thats right, i like too the freerolls at pp. They have a better time and payout structure. At stars you must play any hours for some cents.

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