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"Nice Suck Out Donk". Ever heard that before. Yeah, you hear it everyday and it's beginning to get on my nerves.
Look, if your gonna play lower limits then don't expect to be playing the Phil Iveys of this world. What you are gonna run into are alot of players that are new to the game or those who have a very basic idea of how to play the game. You have to expect that a fair number of players at your table have no idea what they are doing. If thats the case then adjust your play accordingly. Please don't bleat when you get beat on the river. It makes you look like a sore loser, and quiet frankly, like an idiot.
As for these idiots that do whine long and hard, it's usually when they lose a big pot. More often than not, they really don't understand how they got beat. Why ? Because they have yet to grasp the maths of the game. I.e, Pot Odds, Outs, Percentages, pot committed etc... Two cases in Point, i'd been having a horrible day at the tables. Lost 4 buy in's in 15 mins. Partly bad luck and partly bad play on my part .Not once did i complain, winge or rant.I just took it for what it was...Poker. Then this happened,
1) Dealt 10 10 i raise enough to get rid of the limpers. It's down to me and the chip leader. Flop, harmless and i'm holding an over pair. He checks i raise, he calls. Turn again is looking harmless. He checks i raise he calls. I figure he's holding a small pair or has made a pair. Then comes the river and i'm still holding an over pair. Guess what, he goes all in. Now it dawns on me, he's been slow playing me. He's got a set or is holding AA KK. Now heres the thing , by this time i'm POT COMMITTED. I have too may chips in the pot to back out. So i have no choice but to call. I even told him before i called that i was going to regret this. He turns over AA. Ah, but the river is a 10 and i made trips. Off he went, on a rant and a rave. What a donkey i was, etc etc etc.... What he failed to realize was that he just learnt a lesson on the dangers of slow playing. By his play, he had forced me to become committed which is what he wanted. Not my problem.It's his
2) Next hand i call with suited connectors. No serious betting until the turn card comes. Two people go all in and its my call. I almost fold before thinking. I have an opened ended straight and a flush draw. I have a potential 17 OUTS on that alone. I'm chip leader and to call would'nt do too much damage. So i call and make my flush. This time i've got two of them going at me despite the fact that one did'nt make anything with his AK..!! Go figure.

So please please please, think before you rant and rave. look at what happened and learn from it.

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In some way you make it sound like you think it's someone from the forum you are sucking out. When you win with worst hand you can only exspect a litle moaning at the table's. In hand 1 you are pretty donk your self maybe not a complaining donk but just a donk Smile You are hitting a 2 outer and can't understand the guy complains Confused and by the way I think you should learn that for a good player there is no such thing as pot commitment, "no reason for throwing good money after bad money" said by Doyle Brunson.
Next time you wonna sound better than others you should learn how to post a HH. Which game? Are you playing cash or tourney? What level are you playing? You raise enough....? How much is, pot? bet?. What seat are you in and what seat is opponent in? Are you readless? How is your history with certain player? any reads?

PS. I liked the way you DONK secured your money with TT by saying "I even told him before i called that i was going to regret this".
"Good" call Big Smile

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First off, i'm not talking about anyone here. it's a general observation. As for posting HH, thank you for your concern regarding my education but it's not necessary. In this case i did'nt feel it was needed. The point i was trying to convey was that HE played it badly and then ranted. I will concede however your point regarding the type of player he was. It was remiss of me to not point out that he was super aggressive. Raising at every opportunity with anything resembling a half descent hand. For him to play his hand the way he did gave a strong indication that he was hoping to catch something rather than holding AA. I ,on the other hand, was clearly advertising that i had a strong hand. Yes, with an over pair it was strong. As for being pot committed , in this situation i was prepared to go to that limit.There was no chance of a flush and a straight meant he'd called my raises with rubbish.Pot committed, we've all been there and done that.
If you think me a "Donk", well i can live with that. It's one of many ploys i use when starting at a new table. I like to give the impression that i'm as loose as a goose. It's well worth losing a few early chips to gain a few big pots later on.Try it, it works. So just keep thinking me a "Donk" and i look forward to seeing you at the tables.
Look, you seem like a nice chap. Please throw away that poker guide. It will make your play too rigid. Whilst holding the math of poker in high regard i do not believe, as alot do, that poker should be played by a rigid set of rules. If we're quoting, as you are, great players, then heres one for you.
"Theres only one rule in poker and thats that there are no rules"......Phil Ivey.

Pot commitment is a "rule" so when Doyle says "don't throw good money after bad" I think he's in a way saying the same as Phil.

You seem like a nice chap too but don't throw that poker guide too far'll need it when we meet at the tables Blink

My point was when you call all-in on turn with 4-5% chance to win and hit your 2 outer you can only exspect some GRR Evil

I totally understand your point old boy. I was even gracious enough to apologize to the poor chap. I know i sucked out. But, the responsibility for him losing lies with him for the way he played his AA. He slowed played them . As you yourself rightly point out, on another thread, by waiting until after the turn (not after the river as i think i said) he could've allowed my hand to have developed. Therefore his bet of all in was dumb. For all he knew i could've made a set. Yeah i sucked out but he shot himself in the foot. He could've, if he wanted to, have ended much sooner.
As for the book, i threw that out 20 years ago.....Have a nice day.

Rushinrogan, what type of buyin do you play??

a week ago some donkey called my allins in preflop with 23suited i had AA and he got flush in turn so that was maybe the sickest hand in my poker career.CALLIN WITH 23!!

he's right. good players don't get "pot commitment".

any money you've put into the pot so far is no longer your money to be committed to.

the only money you should commit to is the money in YOUR STACK.

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