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How long do your sessions last?  0   

On average how long are you playing per day/week??

And how many hours on average in a session?

i play all day every day up to 10hrs.
but not when my daughter comes and stay then i dont play at all.

till i loose my bankroll Big Smile thats around 15 min Aww crap!
well to be more serious- i play irregularly, when i have more time off job, or weekends when i just want to relax by spending what i earned throughout the week Big Smile and my sessions last somewhere between 1-4 hours- usually i play until i get bored

If it's going well, session can last 2 - 3 hours, if I'm loosing money and feeling that I'll start going on tilt, it's the sign to quit, so that can take up to 30 minutes, so can't really tell about sessions length. Also, if there's nothing better to do, I'm playing, so can hit 6 - 8 hours a day (rare occasion).
About days per week, also depending on conditions. If there's a good promotion at the sites I play, playing every day to achieve my goals, if nothing good is going on, I prefer real life poker.

If i play cash, a session is maybe an hour, not longer. Of cause tourneys can last much longer. But i try not to play more than 4-5 hours on any given day.

I usually play a tournament or two in a row 6-10 hours lol I hate the cash tables and dont touch the things its SnG's or low buyin tourneys for me, I find myself making critical mistakes at about midway-to late game in the tourneys which usually puts me just out of the money....

And most often at least two tourneys a day lol or 4 if i miss a day Worship

Usually i play around 3 hours per day, nultitabling 12 tables everytime. I play around 1 hour everytime io open the lobby.

Lol this is a good question... When i start playing it for the first time i used to play alot.. Something like fron 9 am to 1 am lol ..pretty much sooo adictive was by depens on my bankroll i can play 10 h per day during weekend or 2-3 hours after work...but i usually play 4 maximum 5 days per week. Even now i must find a balance between poker and my social life .. I havevto play even less.. I don' wanna be adictive.. I wabt to play for fun Aww crap! Confused Big Smile and win som cash Dollar Dollar Dollar

When I play, usually is around 1 hour, 2 at the most, always 2 tables opened (cash or small tournament). I stop when bored or tired, some years ago I could play all night, not any more

I've been over doing it for someone who works 50 to 60 hours a week, plus takes care of the family, some yardwork for some elders and a 5 month old Granddaughter which lives with my wife and I. Not to carry on for poor me, lol! my wife works the same amount.

Anyway, I still play for a minimum of 2 hours every evening if not 3 or 4. On the weekends I play off and on throughout. Maybe that's why my BR is up and down rapidly, but my VIP points at Carbon have been building up enough to allow me to play in monthly $2500, $3500 and $10,000 dollar freerolls. I generally play $1.10 to $5.50 SnG's or tournaments of the same buyin.

I can play all day - not a good idea though.

I play too much just now.

I need to learn when I'm tired and my mind needs a rest.

ive played 24 hour sessions ending with lots of fpp and increase my bankroll,

also have played same amount of time ,,and got bankrupt..

so i cant say what u should do,, as far as i know the pro's play as long as needed to win a decent amount of money,,before they quit.

most important is to play high volume and more tables at the same time,,
that's me approach, when playing on 10 tables you got 10 chances to hit a monsterhand,

unfortunately this does not guarantee that u will ,,mathmaticly u should.
but reality sucks,, Big Smile

also playing on more tables might not suit everyone,, best is to add an extra table and see how u do,,and go on from there,,

oh,yeah to play more tables at once ,make sure u are tilt-proof

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