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hi guys/girls

to talk or not to talk that is the question?
do you talk to other players while playing poker or do you think it gives to much away?
i mainly dont talk except to say thank you or good hand.
when i played a few years ago on ultimate bet there was lots of talking but now i can go a whole tornament with out seeing any body speak.

what do you think? thanks to all who answer Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Big Smile Big Smile Smile Smile Question Question Question

If we play poker just for fun, talking each other is very nice, when want to play serious and improve is not good for me talk too much, my focus and concentration will be damage and play bad. Depend on character each person, I think.

i only chat in private games when i know some of the players or when there's someone on table who is prone to tilting Evil
else i just ignore the chat Cool

No talk.

It would just distract me from what is going on at the tables. If one is only playing one table at a time, than it may be an option to use the chat.

I used to chat more when I played only one or two tables at a time, but now that I play more sometimes I barely have time to type in "NH" or "TY". I also find that as poker has more players now that are from non-English speaking countries, they have no idea what is being typed in the chat box..

When I first started my main aim was to tilt people via chat, but then took it more serious, moved up stakes and played more tables.
I'd only ever chat now if I'm not taking the game serious, and after some banter.

Depends on the situation i think and players you are facing... On pkr i' ve got many friends and when we meet at the tables it is quite impossile no to talk lol Big Smile but this will also distract you from playing.. Tongue even though on pkr it's quite impossible to stay quiet lol and not to say al leat /'nh or /'freshfish lol Blink)) but usually on other site people are quiet will rarly speak...

I like to chat sometimes, depends what mood im in lol Big Smile

i do like to have a good chat on the poker tables. but its not very often you get to. especially when most of the players probs dont even speak english Confused
gets a bit boring without a chat. plus i dont tilt as much when im chatting lol.

I almost never chat. Not even when someone addresses me specifically.

Also I don't see the point of those "nh", "ty" exchanges... The "nh" are mostly inappropriate as well, because you only get them when you get lucky, not when playing a hand well, or making the best hand fold...

Posted by marqis:
I almost never chat. Not even when someone addresses me specifically.

Also I don't see the point of those "nh", "ty" exchanges... The "nh" are mostly inappropriate as well, because you only get them when you get lucky, not when playing a hand well, or making the best hand fold...

i agree with you Big Smile most times i say nh its really lucky river card no skill just like bingo Aww crap!

I was chatting only on my early days of poker and nothing good came out of that so i stopped long time ago.
No talk at all at money games ring or tournaments, unless is someone i know and even then
the chat is off of poker subject.

Where i play i routinely see alot of the same players. There is also a "friend" option that lets you befriend a player and that tags them on a list so you can watch them play while also alerting you when they come online.

Because of the videos ive made and because of where ive placed them i get people chiming in at the weirdest times.

Ive always considered it like showing cards. Its more of an advanced player who can use these "tools" properly but not everyone is Tony G.

Ne time i sandbag a player 3 streets someone says VNH always and that always makes me giggle because they appreciate what just happened.

somehow it unfolds naturally- either i want to send him far away or he has the same warm feelings Big Smile no really i don't think there are any strict rules- sometimes you just are in the mood to chat, sometimes there's a great company at the table- it flows naturally imho Worship

I never chat with other players and when i play a game i just need to be concentrate to the game.
They say Hi or How do you do today or other things but i close the chat all time very important for me to pay atention to the game in that momment.
I never talk to any player of the game . Thumbs Up Dollar

Funny you ask that! I rarely speak, matter of fact never unless spoken to, but last night in a "Fast Fifty" SnG on Carbon a player (Abercore)_ was a very racist rude individual. Player came out bully betting everyone and was actually hitting some good hands or should say donk hands 2, 4 j, 8 and some good strong hands to. Anyway I beat him with an AK over an A,6 and at first he starts attacking Mexicans (thinking I may be one with a name like greenmohave) after he could offend me he then starts attacking Black people using the "N" word and saying some really bad things.
Anyway I couldn't shutup! I told him he was a ruxde, racist individual and lucky he wasn't sitting at LIVE play. Well here's my point! I should have shutup because that's all he wanted was to get someone wound up to argue.
I did take him out and came in first for a whole $2.25 which was good, but watch out for these type of individuals. Sorry to carryon and Good Luck to All!

i hate players who are rude and bullying you should report them and their chat is banned for a while Big Smile
but if really bad report it to the police. Aww crap! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

I chat all the time, especially if an interesting topic comes up. I don't think it gives anything away because I'm never really talking about the game at hand. Except live, than I talk about the current game. I never chat if I'm multi tabling though. To much distraction then.

I enjoy a good chat and a little joke ribbing from time to time but its important not to drown the table out with chatter so its hard to go back and see hands a time or two ago in the chat log... (my opinion anyways)

Mostly low limit tournaments or SnG's.

When not playing more than 2 tables, I often like to chat, depends on my mood.
I've had a lot of great games cracking people up with funny stuff.
When it works it lessens the grind, and never in a way that would be detrimental to my action.

I use it sometimes to change someone's behaviour if they are doing stuff I don't like and want to make them unsure and change it. Often works if you do it well.

I often chat closing in or especially at the final table, or in a very good SnG with 4 or 3 players left.
Had some really great games that way in the past, where many joined in and all agree the game is tremendous fun.

Might sound funny to many, but I've gotten quite a few free passes on hands because they prefer to keep me in the game. Weird but it makes sense if you see what I write sometimes.

I call it "working" the table.
Kinda like a Negreanu type of chat.

After all, playing live, talking is a huge tool to gain information and mislead.
The same goes Online, it's just less likely;
Gets easier with experience.

But then of course I don't multi-table much, minimum 2 max. 4.
When I was playing a lot and well half of last year, I used to chat my ass of at the final tables.
Had some fantastic tourneys back then, and they were some of my best cashes. Blink

Works less and less as people have gotten REALLY serious, even in freerolls.
You'd think they were playing the sunday million... Big Smile

BUT, I understand those who do not as well, this is just my kind of game.

Didn't say a word when playing the Party Million a couple of times though... lol Big Smile

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