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Hello all, just wanted to mention a poker room that I've been playing on for the last couple of months.

Seals With Clubs

It's a bitcoin based poker room with freerolls, tournaments and ring games.

The community is quite small at the moment, but I have had a lot of fun with it. 1000 chips equals 1BCT (which seems a bit off ratio, but once you start racking in. It's not as bad) and they are going for around $4.80.

Once you sign up they should give you 10 chips to get started, but mostly you just play the freerolls for a chance to get 50 chips. You know, the old grind.

Well just wanted to shout that out to guys and gals.

Good luck on the felt! Deuces!

-Farce Blink

Good to know but i see you are located in the United States, so i assume it's okay for US players too?

From what poker network ispart: merge or cake? From what i know these are the only ones that accept us players now.

Neither, I think there company is Briggs Softworks, and they are a brower based room under Poker Mavens . net servers.

I am in the US and I haven't had any trouble with them.

Where do ya get the figure of $4.80 a bit coin? I have tried to do a lil research on these but have found very little. Seems to be a very volatile currency. Whats the trading code?

Could be worth 5 bucks now but by tomorrow; could be worth nothin? How do ya cash out?

I dunno dude ....looks fishy.


Yes, your right, the bitcoin currency is currently extremely unstable. That's why I didn't mention anything about buying into the site with your own money, only merely to grind using the freerolls.

They have a cash out page which allows you to cash out a min. of 100 chips 100/1000 of a bitcoin to an "address", which I am assuming is an account from a bitcoin exchange account.

I'm not sure about that though, as I haven't tried cashing out yet.

someone else with more understanding of bit coins could answer that a little better. I for one do not know.

well then you do the cashout and it's successful inform us- then i would consider taking a shot- but now it look uncertain, ant one thing you are guaranteed- lots of time spent Confused good luck to you dude, keep grinding and who knows, maybe you will grind your way to millions Dollar

Nice advice Farce. I guess there is nothing wrong in talking about a room that isn’t promoted by BRM around here, because you aren’t talking about another site that promotes that other room. Some time ago I read some things about bitcoins, but with my type of activity on the net, I have consider it very difficult to get. Perhaps now, by playing, I can think more clearly about it. It’s also money so, why not? It would even be better if BRM could find a way of promoting this too! That way we would be both getting a new table to play and helping a new sponsor from BRM.


When I get up to 100 chips, I'll give it a shot. Have a bad habit of losing everything at ring games Big Smile


There is a definite opportunity for BRM to promote this, and for Seals to take advantage of BRM's advertising ability. Certainly a win/win on both parts. Perhaps the Admin or officers could chime in on this topic?

I'll also bring it to the Seals Admin's attention if i can. Smile

the volatility of the bit coin is so erratic they recomment daily withdrawals and never leaving large sums in there. Because of the tendency towards criminals using this as a new way to launder money im sure soon enough US players may feel the familiar pinch again. Surely this wont be for quite a while or until at least its worth a good shakedown by the govey.

I dont mind the software but if i recall correctly the browser servers dont allow for many common features that clients do, ie full screen tables being one such issue.

I asked both brm and heropoker to look into some arrangement for players here on brm to benefit from but i dont think hero is very friendly with advertising but perhaps seal is so gl with trying.

Posted by GomerAssassi:
Seems to be a very volatile currency

It is - don't make any serious investments in BitCoin poker sites..

On the appearance of this site alone I would never even consider playing on it, never mind giving them personal details to cash out. Tell us how it goes, but if I was you I wouldn't be too optimistic.

no doubt it has its cons...but if people enjoy the grind it might be beneficial..maybe? Esp. if people aren't putting their money in. Hence no money lost. Which is always good. Big Smile

Play a little, get too 100 chips, withdrawal, I don't see a down side, to be update on the withdrawal yet, I will have the opportunity, eventually Smile

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